December 13, 2021

Why People Use Sex Toys

According to the health website Patient, the global sex toy industry is presently worth over $15 billion a year. Moreover, research shows that a considerable percentage of the population admits to owning at least one product or a sex toy.

The sex toy industry, from the sex doll to your vibrators, is filled with “good vibrations,” and the demand for sex toys has become ever more mainstream. Studies done at Indiana University revealed that 53 percent of women and 45 percent of men aged between 18 to 65 years old had used a vibrator and that the use of sex toys like this provides health benefits. Sounds interesting, right? The use of vibrators has been associated with improved sexual function and being more proactive about sexual health. Aside from their usual purpose of offering pleasure and fun, sex toys can be a vital part of a person’s well-being.

This is why we crafted this article to delve deeper into what sex toys are and the reasons why you should have them, even not all the time, but in moments when the sex toy will do well for you. Read on.

What Are Sex Toys?

Before we head over to know the reasons why you should think about buying sex toys and using them, let us get back to the basics and define what a sex toy is. What are sex toys?

Well, sex toys, also referred to as adult toys or “marital aids,” pertain to objects people own to experience more pleasure during sex or masturbation. There are times sex toys also have medical benefits if you have sexual dysfunction or a sex-related medical condition. There are various types of sex toys, and people use them for multiple reasons as well.

It is normal to encounter a stigma on the use of sex toys or being judged because this has always been related to private lives. But it is also normal to use sex toys and not use them. It is always a personal decision, and everybody is different. As long as you are using sex toys safely, nothing is harmful about it.

Different people use sex toys for various reasons. For some, sex toys are their way to have an orgasm. Some utilize sex toys to help them masturbate. People commonly use sex toys during sex with their partners.

For the transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming community, sex toys are their way to help affirm their gender identity or help relieve gender dysphoria.

Individuals with disabilities or limited mobility also use these to make it easier for them to masturbate, have sex, or do sexual activities and positions that would be difficult without them.

Believe it or not, sex toys also help treat symptoms of certain disorders. They include erectile dysfunction, genital arousal disorder, hypoactive sexual disorder, and orgasm disorder. Some people find that sex toys help them deal with sex-related side effects of medications, health conditions, or menopause. These include a low sex drive or decreased sensation in their reproductive organs.

Why You Should Consider Using Sex Toys

There are several reasons you must consider using sex toys, and we will look at the beginning now. Keep on reading.

1. Sex Toys Help You Get Sexually Satisfied 

It has been said that sex toys are scientifically-designed to aid in your sexual pleasures. It is never easy to stimulate your minds and bodies simultaneously. These are where sex toys come in handy. These adult toys are designed to hit the right pleasure spots in your body to reduce the “workload” of arousing yourself.

2. They Help You Last Longer In Bed

It is usually dissatisfying when you are unable to last long in bed. Sex toys can help you stay longer in bed. Once you get the hang of these sex toys, you learn to master your orgasms. You learn how to delay your orgasm, remain hard after the orgasm, and even have multiple orgasms.

3. They Help In Managing Sexual Dysfunctions

Because sex toys help people understand their bodies even further, it also enables you to learn more about your pleasure points. Suppose both men and women can learn to make themselves climax using these adult toys while masturbating. In that case, they will have more confidence in reaching orgasm with their partners.

4. They Can Enhance Your Sex Life

Among those that benefit from sex toys are couples. With these pleasure devices, you can improve your sex life with your partner. Sex toys are used during foreplay or during the deed. When you improve your sex life, you will bring back the spark in your relationship.

The discussion on the benefits of sex toys is just getting better. This time, let us take a look at its advantages for your health.

5. They Help Alleviate Body Pain

Did you know sex toys help alleviate body pains? That is right. Since sex toys help achieve better orgasms, and since orgasms can block pain, they can lessen the pain you feel. When you reach your climax, this releases a hormone that helps raise your pain threshold. As a result, the pain seems to magically go away.

6. They Lower Your Risk For Heart Attack

Aside from helping put an end to body pain, sex toys also help balance estrogen levels for women and testosterone levels for men. Whether these two are low, your risk for health issues like osteoporosis and heart disease increases. Heart diseases are among the leading causes of death among people. Having sex can help combat these illnesses; what more when you have sex toys?

7. They Help You Sleep Better

Sex toys help people sleep better in such a way that it enables you to reach orgasms more quickly and effectively. The activity releases oxytocin, endorphins and can help people feel calmer and less stressed. Because of this, you get to sleep quicker and better than ever.

We hope you learned a lot when it comes to sex toys, why people are using them, and why you should consider having them in your life.

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