December 10, 2019

Why Should You Purchase A Washing Machine With Digital Inverter Technology?

Nowadays you have a variety of options when you want to buy a washing machine for your house. One of the best types of washing machines is an inverter washing machine. This type of washing machine works according to a specific technology that helps you in saving electricity.

Inverter washing machines have come in the market recently, and it uses digital inverter technology.

Most of us are familiar with cars. When you want to increase the speed of your car, you press on the accelerator lever that increases the supply of fuel to the engine resulting in faster speeds. Similarly, when you want to reduce the speed of your car, you leave the accelerator lever by reducing the pressure on it that decreases the supply of fuel to the engine resulting in slowing down the vehicle. The digital inverter technology in washing machines is similar to this.

The motor in a conventional washing machine works at the same speed no matter what size of load you are washing. That is why these machines consume the same amount of electricity even if you don’t have a heavy load to wash. If you have lighter loads, the motor of the washing machine is not required to run at full speed. This is where digital inverter technology comes into play. It allows the washing machine to run at different speeds according to the size of the load you want to wash. But before understanding why digital inverter technology is needed in washing machines and how it works, you need to understand what is inverter technology.

What is inverter technology?

Inverter technology is a modern renewable energy technology. There have been many innovations in the inverter area. Advanced inverter technology has a lot of applications and many benefits.

First, we need to know what is an inverter. An inverter is a voltage converter device that is used for converting direct current to useable alternating current for any AC appliances. This technology of inverter is used in the working of many appliances like TV, fans, air conditioners, washing machines, refrigerators, computers, laser printers, and cellphone chargers. Inverter technology is correlated to the amplifier technology. For example, an air conditioner with inverter technology has an inverter that consists of a variable frequency drive that enables it to control the compressor. In that case, the motor speed of the compressor is adjusted according to the temperature and therefore saves electricity.

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Functions of inverter technology

Inverter technology is a very important technology in the field of electronics because it has many advanced features such as:

  • Power transfer optimization- Inverters use maximum power point tracking to optimize the transfer of power. Understanding the ideal equivalent resistance of voltage, current, and the respective change rate support this optimization.
  • Grid synchronization- the inverter output is structured in the form of a wave. The alternating current waveform is synchronized with the utility electrical distribution system.
  • Disconnection- inverters have a built-in multi-protection system because of which it can disconnect automatically from the power distribution system.
  • Voltage conversion- inverter converts direct current energy from some power resources to different voltage, thus supplying enough electricity for a load or distribution grid.
  • Storage interfacing- Inverters might allow batteries and other devices to store power from the distributed generator.

Advantages of inverter technology

There are many benefits to using inverter technology. That is why many people want to switch to inverter technology and us it in their daily lives.

  • Inverter technology saves a lot of energy. Appliances with inverters can cut the cost of electricity by 50 percent. These appliances are more energy-efficient than non-inverter appliances.
  • Inverter technology creates less noise. Appliances with inverters produce less noise when in operation because the motor with inverters inside can regulate itself automatically.
  • Inverter technology is more stable. For example, as the compressor in air conditioners with inverter technology doesn’t turn on and off to maintain the temperature, the temperature in the room stays stable with fewer fluctuations.
  • Inverter technology is safer. An inverter has a built-in protection system that helps in reducing the chance of electromagnetic interference with other devices.
  • Inverter technology is faster than non-inverter technology.
  • Inverter technology is smarter because inverters can compute the peak of current and voltage intelligently.

How does inverter technology in washing machines works?

A washing machine that uses digital inverter technology consists of sensors that detect the size of the load you want to wash. According to the size of the load, it decides what will be the optimum speed at which the washing machine should work. This naturally reduces the consumption of electricity. These washing machines use Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) motors that are also known as brushless motors and these motors are capable of running at different speeds according to the size of the load.

A conventional washing machine consists of many moving parts like belts and gears with the motor. These moving parts create friction because of which the washing machine makes a lot of noise and use a lot of energy. But in the case of washing machines with digital inverter technology, there are not many moving parts and there is no friction created because of which these machines consume less energy and make less noise. Thus we can say that a washing machine that uses digital inverter technology is highly efficient.

Why should people welcome digital inverter technology in washing machines?

Energy conservation is a very important subject in today’s world and people are finding different ways to conserve energy. Inverter technology is one of the latest renovations of electro compressor motor technology. Using digital inverter technology helps you in conserving energy because washing machines with this technology consume electricity according to the size of the load you plan to wash. Also, these washing machines have a long life span and that is why many manufacturers offer an option of an extended warranty of almost ten years on these machines. Therefore, people should welcome digital inverter technology in washing machines.

Advantages of the digital inverter motor

There are some benefits of digital inverter motor used in washing machines such as:

  • The digital inverter motors consume less energy than conventional motors.
  • The digital inverter motor also called a brushless motor is cooler in comparison with the non-inverter motor and makes less noise.
  • The digital inverter motors have less moving parts like shafts, belts, and gears and because of that, they don’t require a lot of maintenance. This is also why manufacturers offer extended warranties for these motors.

What is smart inverter technology?

Washing machines that use smart inverter technology consists of a motor that is directly connected to the drum without the use of a belt or pulley. These washing machines have very few mechanical parts that ensure the least energy usage. That is why they are highly efficient and make very little noise and vibrations. Such washing machines using smart inverter technology are also known as inverter direct washing machines. Also, this technology is called smart inverter technology because some washing machines using this technology can be controlled using your smartphones. One of the most prominent companies that are making washing machines with smart inverter technology is LG.

How to choose the best inverter washing machine?

Many companies are manufacturing different types of inverter washing machines, and therefore choosing the correct washing machine for you can be a challenging task. Some of the things you should do for figuring out the best machine for you are:

  • The first thing you need to do is decide what type of washing machine you want. There are two types of washing machines, semi-automatic and fully automatic, with the latter offering front load and top load options.
  • The second thing you need to decide is the capacity of the inverter washing machine you want to buy. For that, you need to consider the number of family members living with you and how often do you wash clothes. Generally, washing machines come with a capacity of five, seven, or ten kilograms.
  • The third thing you need to decide is what all washing programs do you require. Some of the most common washing programs are a daily wash, quick wash, cotton, delicates, quick wash, and synthetics.
  • The fourth thing you need to decide is how much money you are willing to spend on your new inverter washing machine. Washing machines with inverter technology are a little more expensive than conventional washing machines but you save more money in the long run because of their low energy consumption.

Where can you buy inverter washing machines?

You can buy washing machines with digital inverter technology in person from various electronics stores or online. Some of the best websites to purchase washing machines are,, and

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