August 16, 2016

Here’s A Simple AC Hack That Allows You To Stay Chill At Lower Electricity Consumption

India is a country where a large number of middle-class families live in urban areas. But unfortunately, the cost of living in our country is increasing day by day. A day may occur where middle-class families fall under the urban poor category. But, with a simple change in our lifestyle, we can save a lot of money. Though the individual savings may be less, but when seen collectively over the period of a year, it sums up to a huge amount.

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In the present climatic conditions, Air conditioners became a mandatory requirement. Even in the months of July and August, the climate is so hot and humid. The most common word that we probably from employees in a workstation consisting of Air-conditioner is to turn down the AC temperature to 16degrees. It’s quite natural to listen at the home equipped with AC.

But at the same time, we regret after seeing the high electricity bill at the end of the month. Sometimes, due to the high power consumption we need to shut down the AC and compromise with the higher outside temperatures. From now, you can overcome this by the simple AC hack that’s found on quora.

First of all, there is no need to turn down your AC temperature to 16.

ac temp 16

To get the maximum cooling, we lower the temperature of AC. Though it’s logical, but it’s a baseless myth.

ac max cooling

But there is no need to turn down the temperature to 16degrees. Leave at 23-24.

ac 24 degrees

Here’s the interesting reason behind the working of an AC.

  • The power consumption depends on upon the amount of work done by the compressor in an Air-conditioner.
  • The same amount of work will be done by the compressor even if the temperature is set to 24 or 16.
  • Compressor automatically turns off when the temperature reaches to room temperature.


  • It again gets turn on when the temperature exceeds room temperature.
  • But the fan works constantly.
  • A Human body is comfortable at room temperature. So, set the temperature to 23-24.
  • This helps in avoiding constant switching on and off and in turn saving the electricity consumption.

electricity bill

So from now by this hack, you can stay chill and save the electricity bill at the same time. Comment below if this hack is useful. We would be glad if you Share the hacks known to you with us.

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