December 8, 2020

Why Should You Upgrade Your Router To Wi-Fi 6

WiFi 6 promises less data transfer congestion and faster performance. With several devices such as laptops and smartphones supporting this new generation of technology and innovation, is it worth it for you to get an upgrade? While you’ll expect this to be dominating our lifestyle sooner than later, should it really bother you?

Why Should You Care About WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 or 802.11ax provides tons of improvements compared to 802.11ac or WiFi 5. It has been approved for new routers; purchasing one of these has been tagged expensive and rare until recently. There are plenty of router models emerging that are driving down the prices to more affordable ones.

There are plenty of benefits you shouldn’t miss with WiFi 6;

  • Fast throughput speed
  • Less data transfer congestion
  • Better and longer battery life

WiFi 6 routers continue to make headlines since it was first released and now is the new wireless standard. This WiFi 6 Router Guide will help you decide and choose the best router for your next upgrade. WiFi 6 routers are equipped with the latest technology to enhance overall connectivity performance.

There are essential factors that you need to consider before going for an upgrade. However, the benefits are stunning when using WiFi 6 routers, especially if you’re into congested airwaves. If you’re using one device connected to your router, it provides 40% or more bandwidth speed.

The router enhances the user’s traditional speed by 4x more on congested areas like busy cafés, using a public WiFi, or WiFi in denser apartments and buildings. With a WiFi 6 router, your speed and connectivity are improved and faster and more secured.

Is Wi-Fi 6 Worth The Upgrade?

Upgrading your router to the latest technology to ensure faster and secured connectivity is like a two-way authentication process. You have to understand what it means and weigh your decisions based on your answers. While WiFi 6 is now a new standard for wireless, upgrading varies for individual preferences and needs.

Upgrade us readily available, but the question is, do you have client devices that support WiFi 6 technology? Buying a new smartphone or other devices built with WiFi 6 seems a shallow reason unless you already have one or several units.

New and fast connectivity is an excellent option. If you have new devices with built-in WiFi 6 compatibility, they will still work correctly with WiFi 5 or 4 routers. The same goes for when you upgrade for WiFi 6 routers, and older client devices will work correctly.

It’s vital to understand that it requires both access points and devices to get the most of the technology. If only a single device supports WiFi 6, then they’ll find the most convenient way to communicate using the perfect technology which they both understand.

It does not require all devices connected to the WiFi 6 routers to have WiFi 6 built-in technology. For example, if you have devices A and B that are WiFi 6 compatible while devices C and D are not, all devices will be accommodated by 7oyur WiFi 6 router. However, it will communicate with the technology that both device A and B understands while providing the access point for device C and D. Your new WiFi 6 router can effectively do that simultaneously.

Should You Upgrade Today?

Yes, you’ll need to upgrade sooner, especially if you’ve been with your router for some time now. New devices like smartphones and laptops are now WiFi 6 equipped and becoming a common thing. Whether you’re ready or not, technology and it’s fast-phased nature will soon provide all devices with this technology for easy communication and faster connectivity.

Regardless if your devices are 802.11ac compatible, it’s worth noting to upgrade your router now. You’ll notice a massive price down on both WiFi compatible wireless systems and WiFi 6 standalone routers. With this, by 2021, you’ll see a steep down on costs for WiFi 6 routers.

While there are plenty of upgrades, you don’t have to worry whether you have the most WiFi 5 compatible devices. The good news is that Wi-Fi 6 routers support devices that are WiFi 5 compatible. There is no rush when it comes to upgrading your home into a smart home.

Take it one step at a time and work from there. Whether you’re into online games or your business requires faster connectivity performance, you can start with your priorities and move inward for upgrades.


Technology always finds the more comfortable and best way to simplify and make our lives more powerful and in full control. Upgrading for a WiFi 6 router can be a tough decision, but weighing your options and the benefits associated with it can help you decide property. There’s no rushing for an upgrade, but it’s worth reconsidering at the same time.

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