March 20, 2022

Why Tesla’s Cameras Are the Ultimate Dashcam System

When car accident victims need to prove their case to an insurance adjuster or in court, nothing beats having video evidence of the accident taking place. However, most people don’t have that kind of evidence. Unless someone happened to be recording a video with their cellphone at the time of the accident, and with the right angle, most people have to rely on their dashcam for video evidence.

Unfortunately, standard dash cams don’t capture everything. However, Tesla’s dashcam system is extraordinary and gives Tesla owners an advantage over other drivers.

TeslaCams help drivers prove fault in car accidents

Proving fault in a car accident is a process. Sometimes the evidence doesn’t make it clear who is truly at fault, and without witnesses, it’s one driver’s word against the other. Thankfully, TeslaCams make it easier for drivers to prove fault.

TeslaCams have been capturing accidents on video for a while now, and not just while in motion. The special camera system captures incidents when the car is parked and even when nobody is inside the vehicle.

For example, TeslaCams can catch someone striking a parked Tesla in a hit-and-run, people keying the car, and even accidents that happen to other cars around the Tesla. This is why attorneys love it when their clients have TeslaCams – the footage helps prove their case.

What is the TeslaCam system?

Tesla cars come equipped with a unique camera system that includes a typical dashcam view and a 360-degree view of the surrounding area outside of the car. The dashcam records using the front, left, and right cameras while driving. The 360-degree view is exactly what it sounds like – a full view of the car.

These cameras were initially designed for use with Tesla’s Autopilot system, but can be used as a dashcam when the car is running AP 2.5 hardware or later. All Tesla cars built after September 2017 meet this requirement.

Sentry Mode is on a whole other level

Sentry Mode is another cool feature available with these cameras. This feature captures video of the area around the car when it’s turned off, parked, and even when nobody is in the vehicle. This is the ultimate video security system.

While the dashcam feature captures a more limited view of events, Tesla’s Sentry Mode is responsible for capturing many vandals, thieves, and even fake accidents. For example, in New Mexico, a TeslaCam caught a break-in that occurred in a gym parking lot while the owner was inside.

Teslas aren’t cheap, so when people need to pay for the damage caused by vandalism or theft, having video footage is essential.

On another occasion, a man from Louisiana faked an accident and told police he got run over by a Tesla. The camera footage proved otherwise, and he confessed to staging the accident.

It’s fairly common for people to pretend to be hurt in accidents in an attempt to collect insurance money. They really believe they can fake an accident and get away with it, never thinking that insurance fraud charges are a possibility. Some people get away with it, but it’s not so easy when a Tesla is involved.

Tesla’s camera system also helps prevent accidents

There’s another way TeslaCams are helping drivers with accidents. Teslas come with cameras mounted to the top of the rearview mirror that monitor drivers for signs of inattentiveness. When an incident is detected, the car sends an alert to the driver.

This feature was initially developed to ensure passengers don’t vandalize autonomous vehicles used as taxis, but now drivers are getting all the benefits.

All drivers would benefit from 360-degree cameras

Since accidents happen when you least expect it, all drivers would benefit from having cars equipped with 360-degree cameras. BMW is one of the only other cars that have a 360-degree camera system installed. However, the BMW Surround View System is different. While both cars offer a standard view, Tesla’s cameras only provide a full view looking out from the car, while BMW provides an additional full view looking toward the car. Both cars are capable of recording video from the cameras for later use.

If you own a Tesla, you have the advantage

A lot can happen when you’re on the road and when you’re parked. Whether you’re worried about theft or accidents, Tesla makes proving fault effortless with its built-in 360-degree cameras.

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