August 27, 2020

Will Virtual Reality Become a Thing in Online Casinos?

The growth of digital technology has led to a corresponding advancement in online casino industries. This advancement has enabled casino operators to provide gamers the opportunity to play online games with a dealer just like a land-based casino. These days, top software developers have started pioneering online casinos with VR. This casino online will be one of the first to introduce VR. Gambling experts have projected that by 2021, placed bets via VR gambling will be approximately $250billion.

The Virtual Reality Casino- Explained

Online casino games can either be played for fun or with real money. The recent advancement in technology has enabled online casino game types such as slots, and roulettes to be transformed from 2D to 3D gaming format. Top software providers such as NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, and others have continued to employ VR gaming for easy accessibility of games online to enhance gamblers’ experience. For gamers to have access to VR enabled casinos, they have to get a set of VR devices such as a headset, sensors, and controller. Unfortunately, there are few in the market and they are somewhat expensive.

In a VR game, a dealer is present just like a brick-and-mortar casino. The specific function of the dealer is to provide a gamer an experience synonymous with playing on a land-based casino. Also, VR aims to provide gamers an immersive experience. For example, gamers can place a bet on a horse race and view the game happening instantly. That is, the gamers will be able to see if their chosen horse is winning or losing. Furthermore, VR can enable multiple players to play a game anywhere they are no matter the distance. All this improves interactivity and adds a lot of excitement to online gaming.

VR is in its early stage of development in the online casino industry and as such there are few games available to be played on this platform. Two most popular VR games available to be played are:

  • SlotsMillion developed by Lucky VR with over forty slot machines.
  • Casino VR Poker developed in Switzerland.

How does the Virtual Reality Casinos Work?

Presently, VR casino gaming is applied to online casinos such as slots, roulette, and some card games. In VR casinos, gamers play with a computer when they advance to play a game in the live gaming mode in an online casino.

Just like a brick-and-mortar casino, the virtual casino has a dealer. The virtual dealer in the online casino performs the same function with a real dealer giving you the experience synonymous with playing on a land-based casino. This tries to eliminate the difference between playing offline and online.

How can VR affect online casinos?

VR is still a recent development in online casinos. The effect of VR on online casinos with time may be less or more limited. Nonetheless, VR is still believed to make a significant impact in the world of online gaming in the future. The possible impacts are outlined below.

  • New Experience: In VR gaming, gamers can wear a VR headset and other devices to find useful materials such as video which will explain to them the rules of the game they are interested in playing.
  • Immersive Gaming Experience: The VR version of online gaming portrays real presence and immerses players in the world of gaming. The experience of playing this game from the players’ point of view is incredible! Though VR is still a recent development as it was introduced to online casinos at the end of 2015 by Microgaming. With time, we expect that more casinos will spring-up and the existing ones will become more complex. This should improve the realistic experience of gamers compared to the previously existing conventional method. With VR gaming, gamers can now see live action on their placed bet.
  • Increased number of gamblers: VR casinos can prove to be the best for people who do not want to visit a land-based casino. It makes gambling relaxed and more exciting for people who like to enjoy gambling anywhere and anytime. This might in turn increase the numbers of gamers.
  • Accessibility and Real-time Interaction: It can allow gamers to communicate with live dealers and other gamers from the comfort of their homes. Gamers can also access the availability of games, layout, and amenities of casinos in the comfort of their homes. Without an over-emphasis, VR is a plus to both gamers and casinos.


Although still an innovation in the gaming world, VR is proving to be handy in the online gaming industry. It is anticipated by experts to be capable of significantly changing the online casino industry. VR is seen as a perfect fit for the gaming industry as it delivers amazing experience by engaging their senses, making online gaming appealing. However, some gamers have stated that it isn’t too realistic as they would like it to be making them still comfortable with mobile phones and PCs gaming. Another draw-back of this innovation is the expensive VR devices which gamers need to have to enjoy VR casino gaming.


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