August 27, 2015

New Windows 10 Shorcut Keys Which You Must Know If You Are Using The Latest OS

Windows 10 is the most trending Operating system version of Windows which is launched by the Microsoft Corporation. People are extremely inquisitive to install Windows 10 operating system on their desktops and laptops so as to use the latest features and improvements made on the it. Till now, more than 75 million users have installed Windows 10 on their devices either by upgrading their existing version or by clean installation of Windows 10. Still, many of them are hankering to get Windows 10 on their devices. However, Windows 10 has got much craze among every user and some of them got Windows 10 mania.

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Are you aware of Keyboard shortcut keys for Windows? Shortcut Keys actually helps you in operating applications on your device more efficiently and they are great time-savers. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has released a new cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts so as to assist you in handling your applications on your Windows 10 in the most easier way. Here, you can get the Windows 10 Keyboard shortcut keys that helps you in the best way to handle applications on your device in a quicker manner.

Get Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

On every Windows PC keyboard, you can see a key holding Windows logo which is present at the lower left corner. Mostly this key is present in between Ctrl and Alt keys to the left of space bar. Introducing Shortcut keys for Windows is not a new one. Microsoft has built numerous variety of keyboard shortcuts into the Windows operating system since the begining of the PC epoch. You may be aware of some keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl-C for “copy” and Ctrl-V for “paste” which are commonly used in all our applications. Microsoft has released a three page word document that lays 42 keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 which are completely based on the Windows key. Here we are listing some of the most important Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows Key +  comma – Peek at the desktop
  • Windows key + the left or right arrow keys – Snap application windows to one side of the display or the other.
  • Windows Key + M –  Minimize all open windows and go to the desktop.
  • Windows Key + D – Switch between Show Desktop (hides/shows applications) and the previous state.
  •  Windows Key + ? – Launch the Windows Feedback App.
  • Windows Key + Home – Minimizes Active Window. Second use will Restore the active window.

Microsoft has released a three page downloadable document that consists of 42 keyboard shortcuts offer a more efficient means of interacting with the operating system. It might be tough to remember all 42 shortcuts at a time, but if you use it in your everyday applications, you will be habituated and then you can easily finish your work in a quick way.

Click Here: Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

To get more Keyboard shortcuts for your Windows 10 Operating system, you can just click the above link. You can easily download the Windows 10 Keyboard shortcuts and use them while working on your device applications that helps you to get your work done more efficiently. Hope this guide helps you to get Keyboard shortcuts for your Windows 10 OS.

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