April 24, 2015

WixStores Review: Create and Manage Your Online Business

Online is where the world is moving every single day. There are many platforms which help you build quality eCommerce websites and Wix.com stands out as one of the best online store builders out there. Building an online store is easy, but building a perfect well optimized and good looking online store with a well established back-end support. Even I was looking for the same, and here is where I landed, WixStores. WixStores is the eCommerce website builder offered by Wix.com.

WixStores is one such place where you can build a store along with custom domain and hosting. It enables a user to build a beautiful, functional, professional and a very high quality website with its powerful technology, even without any knowledge of coding. Wix has a global database with people all over the world using it having a freedom of expressing themselves in a much easier way.



Along with the fast changing online world where people are moving towards online eCommerce, Wix has advanced itself to satisfy the users with its new features to its eCommerce platform. WixStores is a place for people who want to build an online store with complete functionality and an eye grabbing look. It provides you the easiest way to create a stunning online store. “Beautiful storefront, powerful management system & mobile optimized” are the major features of WixStores.


Why WixStores?

You might now think that there are many different platforms to build an online store, but there are many reasons you should go with WixStores. Here are few points which will make you understand more about it:

  1. Easy Sign up: You can easily sign up for WixStores and straight away start your work. There are no additional terms and conditions which will affect your business. And they do not take any commission from your business.
  2. Stunning Templates: WixStores has a wide range of professionally designed templates, which will reflect your niche. You can easily select and get started.
  3. Beautiful Galleries: Displaying your products effectively is very important in order to attract your customer, and that can be done very easily with the different kinds of galleries present in the WixStores.
  4. Optimized Mobile Version: Most of the traffic is now from mobiles, and you should be available for customers on any device.
  5. Create Product Options: You can also create various product options like size, colors etc. for each product. Add up to 20 images for each product.
  6. Pricing Options: Enter in your product’s pricing options easily for each product in your online shop.
  7. Secure Payment Gateway: With WixStores, your payment gateway will be very secure and can be done in many ways which includes PayPal, Authorize.net, or offline payments.
  8. Easy Order Managing: Every purchase made by the customer will be added to the store manager. This will make it easy for you the store owner to track it easily.

Create Your Store with WixStores :

You can sign up for WixStores on a single go. Just enter your email address and click go. That’s it you are done.


wix dashboard


Wix enables you to search and buy a domain directly from Wix website itself. Simply go to the Wix Dashboard, in the top you will find subscriptions tab, hover on it and click on domains. Here you can buy the domain you wish!


App Market:

One of the most unique feature present in Wix is the App Market. This makes it stand out among the similar website builder sites. The App Market gives the users an edge when compared to other platforms. It gives you more advanced sales & marketing tools, customer service tools, social network tools and business tools which in turn makes you build a very high quality website. The app market itself consists of many apps, which will make the work much easier for you.

Wix Business Apps:

business apps

Wix Marketing Tools:

marketing tools

Wix eCommerce Apps:

ecommerce apps


Wix offers the best templates in the market. It has over 100s templates in their market place, which are developed by professionals who constantly create new templates. The emphasis of the templates is basically in the HTML5 designs with various fonts and quality features. All the templates are basically categorized under: Business and Services, Music, Entertainment, Photography, Online Shop, Personal and many more.

Business & Services Template:

business templates

Music Template:

music templates

Photography Template:

photography template

Retail & Fashion Template:

fashion template


At Wix.com, you can directly sign up and login into the platform without paying anything. In other words, you can use Wix.com for free. Wix consists of different types of plans which has different features to offer. For instance take WixStores itself, is a premium service. The premium plans which cover the online store are ‘VIP’ and ‘eCommerce’.

Here are the different premium plans offered by Wix :

premium plans

As you can see, the prices and packages are not so high and they are absolutely worth it ! You can visit the WixStores directly and have a look at it, and I bet you will agree with what I have said.


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