October 18, 2020

Working in Tech Even if You Don’t Code

Working in the tech field is a great choice. The demand is high, compensation levels are very competitive, and the benefits are often among the best around. If that sounds appealing, either as a starting point or transitioning mid-career, you may wonder if it is possible without having programming skills. It is very possible to break in without having coding skills. These companies, like any other, need individuals to handle human resources, marketing, sales, and other aspects of the business. Also, there are adjacent duties that do not require a coding background but do require you to be comfortable working alongside programmers. Companies looking for someone to handle user experience, for example, will often look for individuals with strong design skills.

Bolster Your Education

If this sounds interesting, you want to do everything possible to make yourself an employable candidate. While many people who work as programmers do so with a nontraditional background, strong coding skills are easy to prove. If you are interested in working in marketing, finance, or another segment of the tech industry, a college degree shows that you have what it takes to do the job.

Completing your degree will also allow you to bypass automatic resume screens put in place by the human resource department of companies. These tools are useful because they help limit the number of resumes that are reviewed by humans, but it is important to tailor your resume to make it past this automated feature. If finances are holding you back from completing your degree, consider the benefits of taking out private student loans. These loans are offered at a favorable interest rate and allow you to complete your degree. With a degree in hand, finding a lucrative job offer will be much more straightforward.

Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You may think that working for a tech company requires strong computer and analytical knowledge. That is not true for all positions. Many hiring managers specifically look for individuals who are less computer-savvy, but who have strong communication and other soft skills. These qualities are often lacking in the programming world, so having the ability to speak, listen, and convey information in a precise and clear way can be a tremendous asset when you are looking for employment. You may even find you can bridge the gap between technical and non-technical work by using your skills to work as a technical writer. While you need to be comfortable with new ideas and understand enough to ask smart questions, you do not need programming skills for this type of work.

Never Stop Learning

One thing that many tech companies have in common is that change is inevitable. The industry is always moving forward, and programmers, product managers, and others must stay on the cutting edge. While you may not see how this affects you if you are not directly working on the development process, the mentality is often company-wide. Staying up to date with what is happening in your industry is expected, and you will need to show a willingness to do so.


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