May 21, 2021

Zulily Review: Is Zulily Worth It?

There’s a high chance that you’ve been shopping online more now than ever before, looking for good deals and bargains you can’t refuse. If this is truly the case, you may want to check out Zulily. It’s one of the up-and-coming online retailers that offer affordable prices, ultimately helping you save more money in the long run.

Of course, Zulily has its pros and cons, which we’ll talk about more below. However, if you’re willing to look past its faults, you could get the most value for your money. In this Zulily review, we’ll address every concern you may have about Zulily so that you can decide for yourself if it’s a fashion site worth buying from.

What Is Zulily?

As you probably know by now, Zulily is an online fashion retailer. However, it’s very much different from its competitors. For one thing, you need to create an account with Zulily first before you can browse its merchandise. Fortunately, registering for an account is completely free of charge, and the process is straightforward enough.

Unlike other competitors that have a set range of products on display, Zulily sets itself apart by having a daily sale system. This means that the site regularly updates the merchandise available, and these sales usually last for about 72 hours. Zulily has a wide selection of items available, including home decor, electronics, clothing items and accessories, beauty products, and so much more.

As mentioned, Zulily regularly updates the sales available on its site, so it’s worth checking the site now and then to see if there’s a deal you may be interested in.

How Does Zulily Work?

Zulily’s processing system is a bit different than other online retailers. Once you purchase an item you want, Zulily doesn’t send the item/s right away. The company waits for the sale to end first before sending everything in one bulk order to the company’s warehouse. That’s where the items will be neatly packaged before being sent to you.

Because of this system, it will take much longer for your order to arrive on your doorstep compared to other retailers. It typically takes about 8-10 business days post-sale before Zulily’s warehouse receives the items. Then, it will take another couple of days for the order to arrive to you.

Can You Really Save More With Zulily?

You can save more with Zulily thanks to its bulk-buying system. On the website’s homepage itself, you can see that Zulily offers incredible discounts, even ones reaching up to 65%. That being said, Zulily also has a price matching feature for Amazon and Walmart. This means that if you happen to find the same item from those retailers for a lesser price, you can submit Zulily’s “Found a lower price?” form so that the company will offer an even bigger discount.

Shipping & Returns Policies

Most of the time, Zulily’s shipping costs are priced at around $5.99–$10.99 per order. Of course, this depends on how many items you’ve ordered. Zulily usually offers free shipping deals or reduced fees, which can help you save more upon checkout. If you’re not satisfied with your order upon receiving it, you can submit a return request within 30 days after delivery.

If Zulily approves your request, the company will send you a prepaid shipping label. You’ll use this to ship the items back to Zulily. If you want the company to approve your return request, you have to make sure that all the items are good as new. Not only that, the tags and the original packaging should still be intact.

Customer Reviews

There are countless Zulily reviews posted online—some positive, some negative. We’ve compiled some of the most common comments below so you have a good idea about what previous customers liked and disliked about Zulily.

Poor-Quality Products

Zulily may have eye-catching and affordable products, but unfortunately, many customers have reported that the items they received were of poor quality. Some were disappointed to find that the clothing items they received didn’t fit and that the materials used looked and felt cheap.

Issues With the Refund Policy

Apparently, many customers didn’t have a great experience when they tried to get a refund from Zulily. For instance, there was a customer who received a damaged item, yet the company refused to send a refund or even replace the item.

Slow Delivery

Although it’s already to be expected that Zulily would have slow shipping and delivery times, some customers complained that they had to wait several weeks before they even got a confirmation. What’s even more alarming is that some customers never received their packages at all.

Great Customer Service Experience

On the bright side, customers praised Zulily’s customer service team for providing a lovely shopping experience.


There’s always a risk involved when you order things online, especially when you’re buying from budget-friendly online retailers. Most of the time, the product quality takes a hit. So if you’re looking for items that will last a long time, then it’s probably best if you buy from somewhere else. But if you’re prioritizing the price over the quality, then Zulily is definitely worth a shot.

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