September 8, 2017

Top 10 Features of New Android Oreo

Google finally announced the 8th version of Android. Android O is now officially Android Oreo preceded by Android Nougat. The all new Android Oreo of Google has entered for carrier testing in Pixel and Nexus devices. It will roll out widely to other devices very soon. Android Oreo includes all the features that were promised at the Google I/O such as Picture-in-Picture, notification improvements, scanning of all the apps in Google Play, Autofill tool that fills the personal information and passwords quickly and securely and etc. Let’s take a closer look at the prominent features that you can expect from this latest version of Android.

1. Picture-In-Picture

The much-awaited picture-in-picture feature is here. It allows the user to perform multiple tasks. For example, you can check your email while video calling your friends by opening two apps simultaneously. This would look cool for phones with large screens. You need to enable this feature manually. Firstly, unhide the System UI Tuner in the settings. Hold the setting gear icon on the toggle bar to unhide the System UI Tuner. Now go to Settings-> System Settings-> System UI Tuner->Picture in Picture and then enable it.


Even though the Picture-in-Picture feature was already offered by iOS and it is present in ipads and some of the Android tablets but we haven’t this feature in Android phones yet.

2. Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most common smartphone related issues. With the Android Oreo, Google has tried to limit the battery consumption by controlling how apps run in the background for better overall system performance. It also limits the frequency of location updates in the background. For example, an app which requires the current location can collect the location information only when it is brought to the foreground and it can’t access the location information when it is background. Such features can improve the battery performance to a large extent.



3. Notification Dots

With this feature, you can quickly identify the apps with new notifications and view them without opening the app. You will see a little dot over the app if you have any pending notifications to view. You can clear the notification by swiping away after viewing it. Even though iPhones have this feature already, now it is not limited to just iOS because now all the android users can use this feature.



4. Notification Snooze

This feature helps to snooze the notifications i.e, you can hide the notifications for a specific period of time which is similar to inbox snoozing. For example, whenever you get an important notification while you are busy but you don’t want to miss the notification then you can choose to snooze it by swiping it right. Then tap the clock icon and choose a time for the notification to snooze such as 15 min or 30 min or 1 hour according to your schedule. After that specific time, the notification will snooze.



5. Smart Text Selection

Smart Text Selection feature detects a particular text using machine learning and suggests an action based on the content of the text. For example, if you select a phone number you get an option of dial along with copy and cut option so that you can dial that number without the need of opening the dial pad and typing the number there. In case if you select an address then it suggests “maps” which will navigate you to Maps. This feature can save a lot of time.



6. Autofill

With the Autofill feature, you can login into various apps quickly and securely. If you enable the auto fill option then it remembers your login credentials. This feature is useful for those who forget their passwords frequently.



7. Wi-Fi Assistant

The all new Android Oreo connects you to high-quality wi-fi automatically and secures it with VPN(Virtual Private Network) back to google. Generally, you turn off the wi-fi on your phone when you are away from your home network and you do not know when you are present in a network with secure open wif-fi or a network that is similar to the home network. To avoid such situations the Wi-Fi assistance feature helps you by automatically turning on the wi-fi and connecting to that particular network.



8. Google Play Protect

The Google play scans all the apps on your phone and almost 50 billion apps that are not installed on your phone per day. All this is done in the background and provides protection for your mobile from the malicious apps. You can find the apps that are scanned in the settings under the security section. This also gives data on how often the apps are scanned and the time of the last scan.



9. New Emojis

Google has removed the old emoji blob and redesigned the emojis. It has added 60 new emojis. The people who like to use more emojis in their texts can make the most of this feature.



10. Faster Boot Time

Now you won’t have to wait for ages for your phone to boot. The boot speed of the phone is doubled compared to the previous versions when you power on the device(this observation is seen in Nexus phone).

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