October 17, 2017

5G Networks with Unlimited Data are Expected in 2019

The next generation mobile networks 5G is expected to arrive in 2019. Carriers such as AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon and manufacturers such as Nokia and Ericsson will support Next-generation mobile networks to accommodate more devices and more data and improve the total capacity of the network which implies that whenever you are in a crowded area, you won’t have to fight for the networks to call someone or send a message.
Dan Bieler, Forrester analyst predicted, “Once 5G arrives on a nationwide basis, there is so much bandwidth available that we will have pretty much-unlimited access to data.”

With 5G network data can be sent faster than 4G. The data sent through 5G will be 10 times faster than 4G under ideal conditions. 5G satisfies some standards such as improving coverage, reducing latency, improving signaling efficiency and etc. For instance, in a heavily crowded area, you’ll be able to watch a YouTube video, update a Facebook status and even send an email attachment while you cannot do all such things with ease using 4G network. Not only streaming high-quality videos, 5G can amp up new technologies such as augmented reality(AR), sending time-critical messages between self-driving cars.


It is expected that the early 5G support will be seen in “fixed wireless” connections to bring fast broadband in homes. Qualcomm, mobile chip making company said that 5G will be seen in mobiles in that year only and it has marched few steps close towards 5G by completing its first test of 5G connection with the mobile phone.

Matt Branda, Qualcomm’s director of 5G technical marketing said, “What drove industry support is that global demand for mobile broadband continues to rise. Things are lining up to make this a reality in 2019 in your smartphones.”


Qualcomm announced that the test was completed using the X50 5G modem and was performed on the 28GHz millimeter wave frequency band. The company said that the modem achieved gigabit speeds in this test, but it is capable of 5Gbps speeds once full 5G deployments are completed. Qualcomm also announced its first 5G smartphone reference design. They intend to release the 5G compatible smartphones in the first half of 2019.

Branda said that “Delivering everything at a lower cost per bit motivates the operators to move to this system.”

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