May 12, 2022

6 Tips To Improve Web Browsing Speed

Almost everything is online now. If you need to look for something, you don’t grab a yellow page. Rather, you go straight to your phone or laptop, connect yourself to the Internet, and search the Web for anything you need. This is more efficient and will provide accurate, updated, and quick results. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than opening your web browser, only to wait for a couple of seconds to minutes so that you can do your search.

When browsing the web, it’s good practice to use the best residential proxies to ensure maximum security, as you can never know what might lurk on your data. Nonetheless, there’s no point in having a good proxy if you’re using a relatively slow web browser. To help you out, listed below are some tips to help improve your web browsing speed.

1. Check Internet Connection

One of the first things you should do before worrying about your web’s browsing speed is to check if you have an Internet connection. This way, you can first resolve the root cause of the problem. Ideally, you should check first on your router if it’s giving you the right blinking lights and there’s no red light indicating no Internet connectivity. If you see something wrong with your router’s light, try to restart it immediately. If it doesn’t resolve the problem, contact your Internet service provider.

To check your Internet connection, you should open a web browser and connect it directly to your laptop or desktop, and then visit an Internet speed test website—it should give you a rough number as to how much Mbps you’re getting. Ideally, it should fall within your Internet plan range. If indicates a lower number, it clearly means that you have a slow Internet connection, for which you can file a report.

2. Close Other Tabs

When you’re researching something, you might tend to open plenty of active tabs as you look for the best website that can offer you the results you’re looking for. However, keeping too many tabs open might force your web browser to slow down, making your search experience unpleasant.

Ideally, you should try to minimize your active tabs by closing other tabs that serve no purpose for you at the moment. If you must go back to that tab repeatedly, you might want to bookmark the page so you won’t have to go through the problem of looking for the right link. The fewer tabs you have, the more your web browser can work efficiently and serve its full purpose.

3. Remove Unnecessary Extensions

A web browser isn’t just something that allows you to browse through different websites, but also allows you to do plenty of other things, such as using a VPN, data scraping, or even spell checking. However, with the times today, there might be too many extensions that pique your interest, which forces you to install them on your web browser. While they can help improve your web searching experience, they can slow down your software.

With too many extensions installed on your web browser, these occupy too much memory, forcing it to slow down. To help speed up the web browsing speed, you might want to consider reviewing all of your extensions and uninstalling ones that you rarely or never use. Only keep the essentials that you need to complete your tasks.

4. Move Closer To Your Router Or Switch To Cable

Whether you’re browsing the net through your phone or your laptop, you need to have a steady and strong Internet connection for a seamless search. The higher signal your device could gather, the stronger connection it’ll have, allowing you to maximize your Internet speed. With this, your main goal should be to reach the highest signal as much as possible.

If you’re connecting through Wi-Fi, you should consider moving closer to the router so that it can gather a strong Internet connection. The farther you are from the router, the weaker signal your device could collect. Alternatively, you might consider connecting directly with a cable so that you won’t have to worry about the signal’s range. A cable provides a direct Internet connection, allowing for fuss-free web browsing.

5. Replace Router

You’d be surprised to know that not all routers can help you achieve your Internet speed’s full potential as they can’t transmit the Internet speed you’ve signed up for. Even if you’ve registered your household to a 50 Mbps plan, you might be surprised that you’re only receiving 30 Mbps or lower, even when you’re just near your router. Before calling your ISP, check your router first and see if the issue is coming from your end.

Some routers can only carry a specific maximum Internet speed. To help your router deliver your ISP’s maximum speed, you might consider upgrading your router to a newer model that can carry your registered highest speed. You can ask the salespeople how many Mbps it can take and see if it matches your plan. This way, you can get your full Internet speed without compromising your router.

6. Disconnect Other Devices

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection for your household and you notice that your Internet speed’s getting slow, your other devices might be the culprit, even with a high internet speed plan. The more devices you have connected to your router, the more devices will battle to get a stable Internet connection. With this, you might notice a drastic change in your Internet speed.

To help your web browsing experience become faster and more stable, you might want to consider disconnecting your other devices that don’t need Internet connectivity. Even when they’re not in use, as long as they’re connected to the Internet and gathering signals, this can still compromise your connectivity.


To help your Internet connection achieve its full potential, as well as for you to have the smoothest search experience at all times, you should follow the steps above and see if it makes a difference. Doing simple troubleshooting methods allows you to reach a high Internet speed without having to call your ISP every now and then.

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