March 15, 2022

7 Tips and Tricks for Escape from Tarkov – 2022 guide

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most ambitious and difficult-to-play games available, according to those who have done some investigation.

This game is centered on military realism; therefore it is not for casual gamers. However, the game’s popularity has been slowly rising in recent months, and it has only grown in repute.

Despite being in its early phases of development, the game has amassed a dedicated following of players who are actively participating in the game and discovering new ways to live. We’re going to look at how to play Escape from Tarkov today.

The entire game is built around a fight in the Norvinsk region between two private armed corporations. The game also has incredible graphics, complicated maps, and fascinating features. If you’re a novice, prepare to play a hardcore first-person shooter game in which you must survive a conflict. Check out eft hacks and cheats available on lavicheats.


Tarkov eludes capture The best thing that can happen to you is that you run SCAV. You arrive at a random encounter with random gear as a Scav. To get out, you must beat the clock and survive.

Your arsenal and earnings will both increase if you can get out of your Scav run. Scav runs are a pleasant experience. Furthermore, you will not be assaulted unless you choose to go first. Escape from Tarkov Scav runs is simple to implement and receive the free gear.

Stick to one map

Escape from Tarkov isn’t restricted to just one map, and there will be more in the future. Learning geography and topography is far more crucial for someone who is just getting started with the game.

You’ve arrived at the proper place if you’ve started thinking like a soldier. The objective of knowing maps is to be able to determine which locations are good and which locations are not.

Recognize different types of ammunition

Escape from Tarkov relies heavily on Ammos. Ammos allow you to improve your weapons to a specific level. However, not all types of ammo are compatible with all weapons. Ammo is used in a variety of ways by different guns.

You must choose which ammo is ideal for your weapon and employ that ammo to achieve the greatest outcomes. You’ll have a cool arsenal to fight off the toughest opponents this way.

Quests are important to complete

Escape from Tarkov has a habit of awarding bonuses. Quests are the quickest method to level up. These quests are simply tasks that provide rewards when performed.

You must accomplish the most quests possible. Quests not only reward you, but they also test and enhance your abilities. “Learning by doing” is exemplified by completing Escape from Tarkov tasks.

Find out where your extracts are stored

When you enter the wilds in Escape from Tarkov, you will be confronted with a beautiful and cruel world, and you will need to know everything to survive. Especially your extracts, because you might not be able to get better gear if you don’t have them.

Extraction occurs when you leave the map before the raid’s timer expires. You must journey to a location where you can be extracted. You won’t be allowed to keep your prize if you don’t do so.

So, take your time and examine all there is, especially your extracts because this will help you play the game a lot better and you’ll be able to employ everything you’ve acquired.

Make use of secured container

The lockable container is a clever way to keep some of your most valuable weapons safe. The size of your container varies depending on the level of the game you’re playing. As the game progresses, you can upgrade EFT containers.

You can keep rare weapons in a safe container. Even if you are slain, the weapons are kept. These weapons will also be usable in future games.

Maintain your health

To be honest, your health is one of the most crucial aspects of the game, and you can’t just ignore it because it doesn’t make sense.

You’re attempting to live in one of the most violent game worlds ever created, and failing to keep track of your health will only expose you to the chance of things going wrong and not working out in your favor.

So, do yourself a favor and never put your health on the back burner.

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