January 13, 2015

8 Problems with the Nexus 9 and How to Fix Them

Nexus 9 offers exactly what you would expect from a quality tablet, combining good looks, power, and the best iteration of stock Android yet. However, as popular as HTC and the Nexus 9 may be, it is not without its flaws, as is the case with most gadgets currently available in the market. Today, we will be looking at some of the most common issues that users have faced when using the Nexus 9, while offering potential solutions on how you to fix them.

As Nexus 9 users have recently been complaining on Android forums and social networks about inherent bugs and problems with the device, despite its power-packed configuration including the industry’s best stock Android on board. Here we listed you the problems which you face with nexus 9 and even solutions how to fix those problems.

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#Problem 1: Longer charging time.


While there have been no major complaints with regards to battery life, users have faced issues with the surprisingly long time it takes to recharge.


  1. Connect the charger and cable properly.
  2. Ensure the power outlet is working properly.
  3. Make sure that data cable is working properly by connecting to the pc.

#Problem 2: Slow Performance.


The Nexus 9 is a powerful tablet and you should not be experiencing any lag when navigating around, but unfortunately some people are. Reports about delays of a few seconds after pressing the Home or Multitasking buttons, delays when auto-rotating, and delays when opening apps, are not uncommon. Luckily there are things you can do about it.


  1. Performance issues may be due to the software glitches/bugs.
  2. Do factory reset to remove this problem.

#Problem 3: Glich With lock screen during charging.

Nexus 9 slow charging

A number of Nexus 9 owners have encountered a strange issue while charging the tablet. The lock screen keeps refreshing, like it’s stuck in a loop, and the tablet becomes unresponsive. This may be followed by a message about the UI crashing. Some people are also hearing an unusual, continuous ticking sound coming from the device.


  1. Go to google application and go to menu-> settings->”OK Google” detection and uncheck “Always On”.
  2. Update the software of the tablet.Go to Settings->About Tablet->Software Update.

#Problem 4: WiFi connection problem.

nexus 9-join-wifi-7

Every new device seems to suffer from Wi-Fi connectivity problems and the Nexus 9 is no exception. There are a lot of possible reasons for a failure to connect or frequent dropping of a Wi-Fi connection. Work your way through this list and see if you can resolve the problem.


  1. Restart the router and turn off nexus 9 for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Make sure that the router’s firmware is upto date.
  3. Try changing the band frequency from 2.4 Ghz to 5Ghz.
  4. Check whether that the mac filtering is turned off.

#Problem 5: NFC communication problem.

nexus 9 NFC problem

The NFC feature of the Nexus 9 can be used for all sorts of things from paying for stuff to sharing files quickly with another device, but some people are complaining that NFC doesn’t seem to be working.


  1. Make sure that back cover is in place properly.

#Problem 6: Applications crash and don’t load.


Some Nexus 9 owners have been encountering frequent app crashes and failures to load or authenticate accounts. This is likely because Android 5.0 Lollipop is a brand new version of the platform and Google hasn’t worked out all the bugs, or also because app developers may not have optimized their apps for Lollipop or the Nexus 9 itself.


  1. Update the applications.
  2. Update the Android version.
  3. Clear the application cache.
  4. Restart the Nexus 9.
  5. Factory reset the device.

#Problem 7: Auto-rotate doesn’t work.


There have been some reports that the auto-rotate is not working on some Nexus 9 units. Owners are turning their tablets from portrait to landscape, but the display stays fixed. Sometimes it works for a while, but then stops rotating again, seemingly randomly.


  1. Go to settings->Accessibility->Display->turn off “Auto-rotate” option off and on again.
  2. Restart the Nexus 9.

#Problem 8: Overheating Issues.


A lot of people are worried about the Nexus 9 overheating. It’s normal for tablets and phones to get hot while you are gaming, but there are reports that the Nexus 9 is heating up while web browsing. It’s worse on websites with a lot of ads and animated images.


  1. Keep the software up to date.
  2. Make sure all the apps are up to date.

Hope you like this article and If you have experienced these problems, leave a comment below to tell us whether our solutions worked. Also this Nexus 9 is very good to buy, we just wrote this to solve he issues which are having in few smartphones. Further, if you’ve experienced other problems, let us know and we’ll try to find a solution.

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