June 14, 2023

A Guide to Understanding Different Bonus Terms and Conditions

Today’s online casinos offer a variety of tempting bonuses and promotions. But before you accept any offer, knowing that it will come with certain terms and conditions is good. Wagering requirements are applied to every deposit bonus. Most informational sites, such as https://hawacasino.com/, offer additional information on the subject in their reviews of different online casinos. But sometimes, a more in-depth view is needed.

In our guide, we will discuss the most common types of casino bonuses and bonus terms. So, you will know what to expect before you deposit and start playing for real money.

General Bonus Terms

The general terms and conditions usually apply to the bonuses offered at all online casinos. For example, no online casino will let clients withdraw their earnings from bonus funds until they haven’t passed the verification process. To do that, they must provide all necessary documents that prove their identity and wait for the operator to approve them. Once the profile is verified, the player can request a withdrawal if the other requirements of the specific bonus are met.

Sometimes, there are general terms regarding the players’ payment methods as well. For example, some online casinos don’t allow clients to use a welcome bonus if they deposit with methods like Skrill and Neteller. Users can use a different payment method to get the bonus or play without it. For other casino bonuses meant for active players, this rule may not apply.

Welcome Bonuses Common Terms

One of the most popular bonuses in online casinos is a welcome bonus. This type of promotion always has wagering requirements set by the gambling operator. First, there is a minimum deposit to make to get the bonus. This amount can vary in the different sites. Then the player must wager the total amount of the deposit and the bonus a certain number of times. Let’s see an example to make these kinds of casino promotions clearer:

If you get a welcome bonus offer of 100% and deposit 50 EUR, you will get another 50 EUR as a bonus. It is written in the terms and conditions of the bonus that it must be wagered 35 times in the casino section. This means you have to wager the whole amount (100 EUR) x 35, i.e., you must place bets of 3500 EUR before withdrawing your winnings. At first glance, the requirements of such casino bonuses seem almost impossible to meet. But the truth is, it is completely possible, and many players manage to achieve it. You should not request a withdrawal before you have met the wagering requirements because there are casinos that remove the bonus.

Bonus Code Terms

At online casinos, you can find various promotions that require a bonus code. So let’s look at what their terms might be. If you come across such an offer, you should carefully review the rules to learn the required bonus code. Players usually have to enter the code before making a deposit to take advantage of these casino promotions. If the specific casino’s policy differs, it will be written in the terms.

You must be careful when you enter such bonus codes because if you mistake them, there might be no going back. Some online casinos may compromise and give you the bonus anyway, but it’s still advisable to double-check and write them correctly. Only use the bonus codes from the official sites; otherwise, you may encounter some inactive ones.

No Deposit Bonuses – Are There Terms?

Many players think there will be no wagering requirements when they get a no-deposit bonus at an online casino. But it depends on the rules of the particular brand. In most cases, if the bonus is for cash, it has to be wagered several times before withdrawal, just like the other bonuses. However, sometimes gaming operators provide no-deposit casino bonuses through free spins. Then, winnings from the free spins might have no wagering requirements.


Hopefully, this guide has given you some basic information on what casino promotions are available and what terms you can expect. Remember that terms always vary from site to site. That is why it’s important always to read the full terms and conditions of the casino and the bonus you have chosen. If you happen not to understand something, don’t worry. Most brands have 24/7 support and operators who answer any queries.

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