July 5, 2020

A Review Of The Filmora 9.5.0 Video Editor

Wondershare’s video editor tool Filmora is lauded for being a beginner’s magic wand, with the Filmora9 bringing to life some of the coolest audio+video editorial tools that are free to use.

The Filmora 9.5 released on 3 June 2020, is the latest update since Filmora 9.3 which happened back in December 2019. The new update, which rolled out through the Coronavirus Lockdown phase, comes with remarkable improvements in terms of speed and agility, creative in-built effects and the most important upgrade which takes care of the lagging issues hyped by users of earlier versions, so you have much-improved performance while video editing from standard 64-bit / Intel i3 devices. If you are already a license holder of Filmora9, you may get this new update for free.

Now let’s have a closer look at the strongest and weakest points of this particular version.

Key Highlights Of Wondershare Filmora 9.5

  • Enhanced hardware acceleration that gives you smoother operation across all kinds of devices
  • 14 new built-in effects or filters to add more creativity to your videos.
  • Improved rendering capabilities that let you finally use your external dedicated graphic card
  • Separate the Lag Detection mechanism that comes with problem-solving recommendations.
  • Vertical Text Input – You don’t have to use both hands to insert text to videos, hold it vertically, and do it at ease.
  • There are useful new tutorials to help you get started soon and to make your job easier.

Filmora 9.5.0 Video Editor

Improved Performance With Enhanced GPU Acceleration

The first thing to notice with this new update is definitely the improved smoothness compared to the earlier versions of the Wondershare Filmora9.

The basic Filmora suite is all about a high-fidelity beginner’s software, the best thing to help out the YouTubers and Instagrammers have an easy-going video editing experience without much of a professional caliber.

The 9th version is particularly special for bringing back the Rendering Preview button, which was first seen in the Filmora 8.3.0 version but was removed later. The Rendering feature makes it easier to stream the video preview smoothly if it happens to lag due to multiple effects. So the feature is capable of giving you a seamless non-stop preview of your edits, sans the lagging effect.

What is newly amazing about the 9.5 version is that it fixes a major glitch with the rendering mechanism that many users faced in the earlier versions, where it only read the in-built graphics card and had compatibility issues at large with external graphic cards.

So this software was not so well behaved with prudent devices, at least you needed an upgraded in-built graphic card. This is still what you need, though the 9.5 version has fixed that bug with enhanced GPU Accelerator, so if you have an average in-built graphic card in a standard 64-bit computer, you may now easily use your external graphic card as a ranger to make your device compatible. That’s how the software gets faster and ‘more efficient’ as it says in the descriptions.

How Is It Like To Use The New Version

The interface has changed very little, there are more buttons with the preview window now, including this new drop-down menu, where you can select different video preview qualities. But if you have used earlier versions, then you’ll notice that the 9.5 version has taken down some tiny features, which used to be quite handy. Such as, the 9.3 version had this option to drag and edit speed ratio of videos and also the duration, which you now have to do by right-clicking the video clip and using Speed and Duration option in a longer process.

New Video Tools And Effects

The 9.5 version comes with new customization options for Audio Equalizer. There are new entries into the LUT pack, special video effects like parallax and blur bokeh, domain warping, etc. plus new objects and film stocks to make your videos dynamic. There are altogether 14 new effects and filters you will get with this new update.

There are the new tilt, shift, and slow-motion effects, as well, it is just the slider for video speed adjustment is gone. You have more options owing color presets as well as tuning features for temperature, light, vignette, etc. in more elaborate formations. The video effects are not as over-the-top as much as the performance and speed of the suite, but you have more than enough tools and objects to revamp YouTube/Instagram videos.

Filmora 9.5.0 Video Editor

Better Ways To Learn

There is an enhanced Help tool that comes with tutorial videos pre-installed in the software. There is also a new Mini-Course on Filmora9, and if you go through the course, you get complimentary subscriptions on the paid version of the suite, plus, lots of free stock of video effects. So this new update focuses on better learning experiences for users, which will entice the beginners even more.

How Is Filmora9 Different From The FilmoraPro

Now, this is a much-hyped debate now, especially when the Filmora 9 features come with advanced features. So the FilmoraPro, like the name suggests, is designed for professional video editors and is quite complex to use compared to the simplistic framework of Filmora 9.

Final Thoughts

The full version of the latest Filmora update is It came out quite smoothly for a punctual half-yearly update that has been consistent ever since the rolling out of the 9th version. What is most significant with this new version is definitely the functionality of the rendering button, but apart from that, the overall speed and smoothness of the suite is very nicely done, to be impeccable.

Where To Get Filmora 9.5

Unlike Microsoft updates and other desktop applications, Filmora doesn’t have an auto-update feature, so your update has to be manually done from the website. So you need to keep an eye on the website to stay updated!

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