October 27, 2018

How To Type Rupee Symbol/Sign In MS Word, Excel, Mac, Keyboard, Photoshop

How To Type Rupee Symbol/Sign In MS Word, Excel, Mac, Keyboard, Photoshop – It’s indeed good news that Indian National Rupee has also got a unique identifiable symbol of international recognition and importance. But, still, personal computers and laptop’s keyboard designers haven’t availed a separate button for a new symbol of Indian National Rupees. Which further gives birth to “How To Type Rupee Symbol/Sign In MS Word, Excel, Mac, Keyboard, Photoshop” kind of queries in your mind. And, another good news is that – we have a solution.How To Type Rupee Symbol/Sign

How To Type Rupee Symbol/Sign In MS Word, Excel, Mac, Keyboard, Photoshop

When typing the rupee symbol, mainly two major varieties are there. First one being – Although small, yet somewhere on your keyboard, you will easily be able to find the button of ₹. Most probably, all the latest versions of the Keyboards releasing these days are including ₹ symbol specifically in India. And, similarly United States Dollar, Indonesian Rupiah and Euro etc. Symbols are made available in the Keyboards manufactured in their respective countries.

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MS word of Microsoft Office Word (irrespective of which version it is) is one of the most used typing software in all windows personal computers along with the notepad and others. Thus, the simplest possible tip to type Indian National Rupee symbol in MS word is the press and hold CTRL+ALT+4 (or the button which has a dollar sign on it). 

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This tip is equally valuable on Wordpress, Drupal, SilverStripe, Kentico CMS, Contao, Pulse CMS, Mambo, Web GUI, Composer CMS, Exponent CMS, XOOPS, Microweber, Blogger and all other website content management systems. This trick is also valid for Notepad as well. But here’s a catch. One can face problem in typing Indian National Rupee symbol by pressing and holding CTRL+ALT+$ in earliest possible versions of Windows XP and 98 etc.

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Reason being, this Rupee Symbol came into existence 15 July 2010 onwards, following which earlier versions of the windows may have not received the update till now. But, there’s a solution as well, in general, Microsoft, in general, keeps releasing the updates for the Windows in Windows 7, 10 and others.

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This post has completely answered all your queries related to Indian National Rupee symbol such as – How To Type Rupee Symbol in Excel, How To Type Rupee Symbol from Keyboard in Windows 10, How To Type Rupee Symbol Download, How To Type Rupee Symbol in Gmail, Rupee Symbol Text, Rupee Symbol in Word 2007, How To Type Rupee Symbol in TVS Keyboard, Rupee Symbol in Word 2003 etc.

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