October 3, 2015

How to Add Text to Photos/Images – Best Online Tools, Apps and Software

Are you a person who adores capturing the happiest, most hilarious and special moments of your life? If you a person who has a strong obsession for taking photos from time to time and a custom of sharing them with your friends and family via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other messaging apps like WhatsApp, then you’ll covet for looking good. Sometimes, you may visit some interesting places for a weekend with your family or beloved ones, obviously, you will capture all those most adorable moments in your camera or a smartphone. The most exciting element is adding text or caption to some of your favorite images. There are many possible ways to add text to your desired images.

Copious online tools and software are available in the market that helps you add text to images. Also, you can include text to your photos directly through your mobile phone using a variety of font photo apps. Some are available for free of cost, some have free trial versions while some others need to buy. Here, we are providing all possible ways to add text to images or photos that bring special appearance for the snapshot. Check it out!

3 Ways to Add Text to Photos

Capturing some adorable moments is the most appealing thing during a holiday trip. Adding text to such images or photos is even more interesting for the photo freaks. For those who love to capture images and superimpose text over or artistic stickers over it, we are presenting you four different ways that assist you in adding text or captions to your photos with more artistic effects. You can annotate and add text to the images using the four simple ways given below:

Mobile Apps [iOS and Android]

There are numerous mobile apps available in the market that help you add text to images or photos. Here, we are providing five great mobile apps for iOS and Android users that assist you in the best way to add text and caption to your desired images in the most elegant fashion. Below are the five popular and paid mobile apps for iOS and Android users:

1. Phonto

Phonto is a free mobile app that gives you loads of feasibility to dress up your images with text in a wide variety of embellishing fonts. Using this app, you can also add text within thought bubbles, placards, and badges. A huge collection of stickers such as stars and hearts are available which can be placed on the image in various colors and angles. You can simply use your finger or the arrow keys in order to move elements present on the canvas or tilt or change size and color.

You can add text to your photos using stenciled shapes and letters with a nice cutout effect. You can do all kinds of changes for your added text on the image using this easy use mobile app. Phonto is a very slick app despite its ease of use.

  • You can use this Phonto mobile app with much ease. You can choose a photo that you wish to edit or add text from the photos stored on your device.
  • Just tap the “Text” button and type whatever text you want to place on the image.
  • You can then change the font from the variety of fonts available.
  • After making all possible changes and if you are gratified with the text, then you can save the image to your image gallery or share it directly to any of the social networks.

Download Phonto App for iOS and Android

2. Word Swag

Word Swag is one the best mobile apps that let you place or type text over your desired image. It can also be useful that cuts out a mask within your image to give a realistic, pleasing special effect. Word Swag app consists of three icon controls that help to manage the easy-to-use interface.

  • One icon cycles through the styles
  • The second icon gives you a choice of colors
  • The third icon controls the transparency and background brightness of your image.

Best mobile apps to add text on images

You can make all kinds of changes to your image using the standalone patterns for making backgrounds of independent typographical creations. There is a separate workspace available on Word Swag that allows you to write your text message on the image where you can choose it from a series of quotes. Word Swag is a paid app where you need to pay $3.99 to get the complete version on your iOS device.

Download Word Swag for iOS

3. PicLab

PicLab is a photo editor that offers a wide variety of easy-to-use typographic elements with charming display and decorative fonts along with filter effects that can be used on your photos. PicLab consists of a massive built-in font collection that lets you do the normal things, such as resize, rotate and adjust obscurity of the image. The major thing that you need on this app is to add text to your image. For that, you have multiple text layers where you will be able to mix fonts to obtain nice poster-type effects.

PicLab App - Add text to Photos

You can also choose a pencil to draw in other lines and doodles with your fingers. PicLab has a default version which are available free of cost. The HD version of PicLab is available for the iPad is $1.99.

Download PicLab for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

4. Over

Over is one of the best apps for mobile that let you create amazing photos superimposed with artistic effects over it. You can choose your desired font from the numerous fonts and flexible gesture-based compositions available. Over app is regarded as one of the more versatile mobile font utilities that allow you to add text over an image. You can simply choose your photo and tap the Add Text or Add Artwork tabs. After typing the text on the image, you can choose a color and then a circular wheel appears on the screen that provides plenty of editing choices, including alignment, opacity, size, and kerning.

Over app

You can select any font just by scrolling down a large number of fonts available. Choose any font and simply tap on it that directly places on your picture. Over app consists of a limited number of free line art drawings that you can superimpose on your image. You can place an image in the right position using a grid that appears on the canvas. Over app is available both for iOS and Android users that offer an outstanding value in providing loads of fonts. It is a paid app for mobile users.

Download Over for iOS and Android

5. Typic

Typic is a mobile app that comes in three versions for Free, Plus, and Kids. You can initially use this app from the free version and then you can purchase it if you get satisfied with the app. Once you start using this app, you’ll get a set of editing cards along with sample fonts that appear with size and drop shadow controls for your text.

Typic app

You can do many changes for your image by aligning text to the left, right or center. The app is very simple and elegant that has good design elements that let you decide the degree of opacity and shadow you want on the text superimposed on the image.

Download Typic for iOS

Free Online Tools

If you don’t want to install any application on your mobile, you can use photo editing tools that are available online free of cost. We are providing you the best online tools that help you superimpose text over the image. You can use these instant web tools that are available online free of cost.

1. PicsArt

PicsArt’s free online web editor gives creators access to a wide range of tools and content, including its Text Editor, where text can be added to any edit or design easily to give more meaning and context. With a free and large library of custom fonts in the hundreds, designs, and customization capabilities — one can make a bold statement with the right font selection. Modify spacing, alignment, leading, tracking, and more to add structural impact. Play with shadows, borders, contours, and colors to make your text really pop! PicsArt offers these design features and tools all in one easy place.

2. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a great online tool that is used to edit a photo. You can not only add text to your image but also, edit your image from the basic to advanced features. You can sign-up in order to get a free 30-day trial. You can edit the image online just by uploading a photo, add desired text over it, make whatever changes you want and then download it. You can also share the image with your friends via the social networking sites.

3. Pixlr

Pixlr is one of the best online tools which has a huge collection of options that let you edit an image with more than 600 effects, overlays, and borders. You can personalize any image on Pixlr at free of cost. You can add any text to the image and make the required changes to the image.

4. Ribbet

Ribbet is another online tool that help you to add text over an image and make some collective changes to that image. You can simply upload a photo, add some text over it and then save it on your system.

5. PicFont

PicFont is one of the best online tools that let you superimpose text over an image. You need to drag and drop a picture or select any photo from your computer. Enter the text that you want to place on the image. Adjust the font size and make desired changes to the photo and then save it on your PC.

6. Lunapic

Lunapic is another web tool that can be used to add text to an image. You need to follow the same process like the above tools and later save it to your drive. Lunapic provides multiple editing options that give an extraordinary look for your image.

Best Free Software

Here is the best free software that can be downloaded on your computer or Laptop. All these software given below supports the system that runs on the Windows operating system. Check out the software given below:


GIMP means GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is an open-source picture editing software that is available for Windows. This software is used to edit, re-size, crop, add text, and many more changes. You need to open an image, click on the TEXT tool, and select the area where the text is to be added. You can then enter the text. You can do basic text manipulation like color and font along with the geometric orientation of the text. This is completely a photo editing program that has copious image manipulating tools.

Download GIMP

2. PhotoScape

Photoscape is a pro image editing software which is available for free of cost. PhotoScape is a complete package that consists of a viewer, editor, batch editor, RAW converter, GIF creator, and many more. If you want to add text to an image, just navigate to the OBJECT tab, where you will find a couple of options to add text. One option lets you add text in a single format, where you can manipulate the font, size, color, opacity and you can also add a shadow with color. The other Text option allows you to add a text line with different colors, size, and font. You can make a lot of changes to the image.

Download Photoscape

3. Phoxo

PhoXo is a free picture editing software that can be used for basic picture editing. It has a huge collection of clipart, which can be downloaded from its website for free. You can add text to a picture just by clicking on the TEXT tool and then choose the size, font, and color of the text. You can also add shadows to the text. However, a professional creation can be pulled out after you get to know what it’s capable of. This software can also be used to add text to a group of photos simultaneously. So, just specify the text, specify all the photos to which the text has to be added, and it will batch add text to them at a time.

Download Phoxo

These are the possible ways mentioned above that help you to add text to a photo. All the tools provided are free of cost which can be used to superimpose text over an image online without having to download. Also, we have provided best software and top 5 mobile apps that assist you in adding text to a photo. Make use of these tools, apps, and software to edit your image and add text to it with decorative effects.

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