September 16, 2017

Apple’s Face ID Isn’t A Failure- It Was The Staff That Accidentally Restarted The iPhoneX

If you have watched the Apple’s big event that took place in Steve Jobs Theatre on September 14th then you might have noticed that while demonstrating the Face ID, Craig Federighi failed to unlock the device with iPhone X after many attempts. Well, all of you might have assumed that Apple failed in implementing the Face Id and it would be a considerable point while buying an iPhone X.


Apple has finally come up with an explanation about the embarrassing situation it has faced at the launch of its most expensive flagship phone. Apparently, it isn’t the Face ID that made an error but it’s the company’s staff that has made a mistake.

Apparently Craig Federighi, the Apple executive should demonstrate the Face ID feature to unlock the phone with his face. The iPhone X  asks for a passcode when the device gets restarted just like any other phone. But unfortunately, before the demonstration, some of the staff members at the backstage had restarted the demo phone and didn’t unlock it with the passcode. So during the demonstration of £999/£1,149 iPhone X, the Face ID feature couldn’t work forcing Federighi to unlock the phone with a passcode entry and switching to a backup phone.


The “Your passcode is required to enable Face Id” is the message which appears if you try to unlock the iPhone after restarting it. It is just an additional security measure so that no one could hack your phone.


“Unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping up,”  Craig Federighi said. But the phone didn’t unlock automatically. Then he turned off the screen and said: “Let’s try that again”. As it didn’t unlock after the second attempt he said “Ho ho ho! Let’s go to back up here!” and picked up a backup phone for demo and it worked. But the internet buzzed with the headlines that “Apple’s Face ID had failed” without knowing that it was a silly mistake which occurred at backstage.

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We all know about the standards and the quality of products Apple has been delivering since a decade. It would have taken an utmost care while developing a product of flagship model. It was just an accidental mistake that the device got restarted and wasn’t unlocked with a passcode before demonstrating it. So, do not assume that Face Id of iPhone X is a fail and you can order an iPhone X without hesitation.

The iPhone X is available in two storage configurations — 64GB for $999(Rs 89,000), and 256GB for $1,149(Rs 102,000). Preorders will start on October 27th and its shipping would set to start on November 3rd.

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