February 19, 2021

Things to Check Before you Buy Macbook For Student

There comes a time in every student’s life where they will have a strong need to buy a laptop, be that be just for games, or for taking notes, or even for their side-jobs. Irrespective of the purpose, I am sure Apple’s Macbook is one of the top contenders for your laptop choice.

A MacBook is quite an investment, so it is better to actually study it before deciding upon purchasing it. Below, we have rounded up a list of points that will help you make the decision.

1. The screen size and weight

Both the specifications, the screen size as well as weight, affect the portability and the handy nature of your device, so it is better to know them beforehand. Apple has done well to significantly reduce the weight of their newer Macbooks compared to the ones in the past, but still, if you want to invest in a larger mac, the weight can be a factor. Search this specification well.

2. A bigger processor means a bigger budget

This goes without saying, but this is all the more important because Apple doesn’t let you switch or swap out parts. Besides, just because a bigger processor is superior, doesn’t mean you will have to go overboard with your budget. It all depends on your purpose in buying a Macbook. If your work doesn’t need a large processor, a standard version should suffice.

For instance, If you are a student, and mainly need your mac for taking notes and writing reports, there’s no reason why you must invest in larger processors. However, if you need higher processor Macbooks, you can also explore refurbished devices at Loop Mobile to enjoy the products at comparatively low prices.

3. Don’t forget to check RAM

RAM is your System’s short-term data storage, so it goes without saying that deciding upon how much you will need of it is crucial. Plus, RAM is directly related to the speed of your system, and like the processor, Apple doesn’t let you change the same in the future. So, deciding upon the ideal RAM, on the sole basis of your needs and usage is crucial.

4. How much Storage do you need?

Before the advent of cloud-based computing, storage was a big thing, and more was always better, but now, things have changed. Due to the easy availability of cloud storage, people are slowly migrating to minimal storage of 256 GB, which we don’t recommend. That is way too less for the long term. My recommendation would be to at least have 1 TB storage so that you don’t have to think while storing several HD movies. Perhaps, to have something in between, would be the ideal sweet spot.

5. Invest in a portable hard drive

Data plagiarism, and losing your data due to viruses and theft have never been easier. This makes a portable hard drive more important than ever before. Backing up your Macbook regularly is not only important but also a very healthy habit to cultivate. Plus, these hard drives come in various sizes and at various prices, from high to low. So, do your own research and then make your best pick.

6. Buy a durable Macbook Cover

Apple products are known for their aesthetics, but at the same time, they are fragile. They demand close care, and as we said earlier, they are quite an investment, so it would be better if you get yourself a decent case. Investing wisely is important, and so is protecting your investment!

7. Consider AppleCare

Now that you are investing in a Macbook, you want to ensure its longevity. So, unless you want to replace such expensive Apple products, it’s wise to sign up for an extended warranty. The normal warranty for apple hardware is for a year. Buying AppleCare+ means you are extending it up to 3 years, more like an official Apple Insurance. Buy the same during your time of purchase, or anytime during the first year.

Apple products have a big brand name attached to them and now that you are sure you are going to have Apple’s Macbook, make sure you do pick the best!

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Peter Hatch

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