January 9, 2018

ASUS Unveils New Bezel-Free Kit that make Multi-Monitor Gaming Setup Seamless: CES 2018

The Taiwanese Company, ASUS, has finally solved the problem for the monitor bezels that come up with multiple monitor gaming setups. The Asus called it the “Bezel-free kit.” Asus unveiled the Bezel-free kit at the CES 2018, Las Vegas.


Although it appears to be similar to the Razor, a triple screen laptop, that came out last year, the functioning of the Bezel-free kit is somewhat different.

The Bezel-free kit doesn’t include any complex hardware or software. It uses the concept of Refraction, that creates an illusion of a curved display. It doesn’t require any other special tools except for the sorcery of refraction.

The Three monitors are arranged in an array at an angle of 130 degrees with the help of custom clips attached to the lens to make the monitor bezels disappear.

This 3-monitor setup requires the need for lens built using PMMA that allows 90% of light to pass through it. The lens strips are attached to the monitors at an angle of 130 degrees. The lens strips are connected to displays in such a way that the 130 degrees angle allows light to refract and connect to the adjacent monitor so that the image on the connecting monitors are blended, creating an illusion of Bezel-free screen.


Asus manufacturers say that the 130 degrees angle is “ The angle determined through extensive testing to provide the best viewing experience.”

Although this may not be the perfect solution as the brightness levels of the image displayed by the lens is relatively less compared to that produced by the LEDs on the screen. But something is better than nothing as this solution adds a bit of extra immersion while gaming. If you prioritized the in-game resolution rather than the immersive experience while gaming, it is time to equip yourself with these monitors with ultimately high-quality displays by checking out this 2019 list.

The best part of Asus’s Bezel-free kit is that it is compatible with a variety of brands of monitors. But make sure that the monitors are of the same size in order to get the best possible output. Currently, the Kit is available only for Asus monitors Strix XG258Q and ROG Swift PG258Q.

The price tag for the Bezel-free kit has not been released by the company yet. Notably, Asus promised to put it on sale by sometime in 2018.

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