January 1, 2020

Best 14 Free Happy Valentines Day Images/Cards 2020

Happy Valentines Day Images/Cards Collection 2020

Cute Chocolate Box:

happy valentines day images, chocolates, candy
Most of the girls like chocolate. Why not send a message with a beautiful box of chocolate and then sending the real gift. The rose flowers in the background make the romantic gesture even better.

Beautiful Rose Petals:

rose petals, pink, background, happy valetines day image
Send a message with this image of soft rose petals to start her day. In the evening take her to a bed full of rose petals for her delight.

Cute Bunny With Heart:

rabbit, heart, cute, happy valentines day card
Most of the girls like cute animals. A bunny/rabbit is one of the cutest. Write a romantic message on this cute valentines image. It will melt her heart and make her happy.

Two Valentine Hearts:

love you, red, happy valentine day image/card
OMG, this one is so cute. Red hearts with white outline and red background. The simple message of “for you” is so romantic and moving.

Two Cute Heart Shaped Balloons:

balloon, heart, love, valentines card
The image of two red balloons with a background of sky with white puffy clouds is so calm and loving. It will put her mind at ease and give a feeling that everything will be OK in this chaotic world.

Heart Shape Made With Candles:

candles, heart, flame, happy valentines day image/card
Heart shape made with candles and the mid-space filled with Rose petals. If you send this message to your lover, they will know what they are going to get for Valentine’s day.

Heart-Shaped Tree On A Beautiful Landscape:

heart-shape, tree, red, valentines day 2020
Climate change is on everybody’s mind. Why not send a beautiful image of a heart-shaped tree to show you love for nature and your lover.

Cute Valentine’s Heart Candy:

valentine candy, hearts, conversation
Heart-shaped Valentine’s candy with cute and soft colors would melt her heart. Do take the candy afterward to make it even better. Your soft sugary love is what your lover deserves.

Beautiful Bottle Of Champagne And Glasses:

pink wine, champagne, celebration
If you are planning to celebrate your valentine with an evening of pink wine or champagne send this image/card so that she will be prepared. There is a very good chance that she will wear the best dress suited for the occasion.

Couple Holding Hands And Two Cups of Coffee:

love, coffe, cup, valetines
Prepare a sweet cup of dark coffee to start her day and end it with an evening full of romantic love.

Red Wine Bottle With A Beautiful Red Rose:

rose, wine, red
Red wine with a red rose will make any Valentines full of fun and love. Wine is a very helpful tool to make your partner even more beautiful and desirable.

Couple About To Kiss:

love, boyfriends, heart
A very romantic image of a couple who are just about to kiss with the sunlit sky in the background. The beautiful shape of heart forming between them shouts Happy Valentines Day.

Beautiful Heart Shaped Valentine’s Images For Cards:

heart, outlines, prism
This image can be used as a background for a Happy Valentines Day Card. A beautiful message written over a beautiful background makes it more appealing.

How to Choose Happy Valentine’s Day Images/Cards?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many young couples have already started making plans of surprising their loved ones. The perks of having a partner on this love birds’ day include getting gifts and the best valentine’s day cards or images one can lay their eyes on. According to statistics, approximately 145 million cards are exchanged on every Valentine’s Day across the globe which is quite a remarkable amount.

However, the question which still bogs people’s minds when it comes down to selecting a Valentine’s Day card is how to know which card or image best resonates with the message they have in their hearts for their special ones? In order to help people with this dilemma, a list of tips to consider before selecting a Valentine’s Day card is listed below:

Pick a Theme

First of all, in order to select the best Valentine’s Day card for your sweetheart, you need to pick one of the many available themes. These themes range from a minimalist’s approach to Valentine to humorously designed cards. Other than these, the themes include animals or cartoons themed cards, handcrafted personalized cards, and conventional die-hard romantic cards.

The purpose of picking up a theme is to make yourself aware of the kinds of colors, patterns, fonts, and images which will appear on your token of love. This tip will help you in understanding what kind of content do you really wish to communicate to your loved one on this special day. Remember, the choice of colors, fonts, and all other elements will reflect and communicate the depth and intensity of your emotions. Thus, this step cannot be overlooked and needs special attention.

Personalize Your Pick

Once you have picked on a theme to go with, next you need to decide on a card. In order to select the card or image which best resonates with your feelings and communicates them clearly, you need to focus on the message written on it. If you want, you may even come up with a message of your own and write it down in ink on the card yourself. Additionally, keep in mind the recipients’ choices of colors and likes/dislikes too when it comes down to the characters or images being displayed on the card.

A Reflective Design

Another tip to keep in mind while selecting a Valentine’s Day card for your loved one is to let the card/image reflect the love your hearts hold for each other. Additionally, let the card/image reflect the sum of both of your personalities. In simple words, first, decide what kind of lovers’ personalities do you both have; Is your love old-fashioned vintage, classy kind of love or is it modern-day, bold and beautiful kind of love? Both kinds of lovers’ personalities demand different colors, hues, and fonts to be used. The former requires mute tones with simple messages while the later requires darker tones and expressive messages. Decide and select a card/image accordingly.

Compare & Contrast

If you end up liking more than one card or image and cannot really make up your mind which one to send, then simply compare both of them. Use price, delivery time and level of customization of card allowed as comparison benchmarks. After that, select the one you find is better in all three areas.

However, if you get confused about selecting the kind of card you want to send to your beloved on this day despite considering all the above-listed factors, then take the help of staff on the ground in case you are in a physical store. In case you are selecting a card or image online, then involve a friend or two.

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