July 31, 2021

Ways to Track a Phone Accurately

In a world of technological advancement, many of us rely heavily on our smartphones to manage our lives these days. With the rise of e-banking, online shopping, social media, and many more, we have essentially “uploaded” our entire lives into the internet. However, this also exposes us to the dangers of the cyberworld. It is not a secret that many know what we do online can be tracked and recorded, but not many know that you can easily turn your smartphone into a bugging device!

This means that you can keep a close eye on your children, spouse, or even employees during working hours. Whether you’re concerned about your kid’s safety or just want to check what your partner is up to, there are numerous spy apps available online to help you monitor their activities. In our article below, we will be talking about how to track a phone accurately.

How to Track a Phone?

The best way to track a smartphone is to install spyware. These apps will monitor and collect all phone information and upload it onto an online server where you can access it any time to see what your target is up to.


XNSPY is a popular tracking app that helps users collect important information from the target phone such as call logs, text messages, emails, chats, and other social media activities. With such a comprehensive list of functions, it is no surprise to see how quickly XNSpy climbed up the ranks to be the top parental control app on the market.

XNSpy collects and uploads all recorded information to its online server where you can access it through your personal web account. Users even have the ability to gain remote control into their target device and block certain contacts from calling.

With the GPS tracking function, parents can use XNSpy to accurately monitor their children’s location at all times. This is also a very useful feature for when your device gets stolen or lost. Overall, XNSpy is one of the best choices for tracking a smartphone accurately without needing to hover over your target 24/7.


No top spy apps list would ever be complete without the ever-popular mSpy. This spyware not only gives you full access to the images and videos saved on the device, but users can also read all chat messages that happened on various social media apps stored on the phone like Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Line, etc.

Just like XNSpy, this mobile tracking app takes advantage of the device’s GPS function to help you stay up to date on your target’s current location. A highlight feature for mSpy is that it lets you set up ‘safe zones’ via its geofencing feature. You can set up imaginary fencing where your child is allowed to roam freely. The app will instantly send you an alert when it detects your kid wandering out of these zones.

Other than that, mSpy is also able to help you keep an eye on browser history and bookmarked websites so that you can know what your child Is watching or searching for on the internet. All-in-all, mSpy is an easy-to-use option that many parents have counted on to keep their families safe.

Conclusion – Tracking a Smartphone Accurately

Now that you know there are a few ways available for you to accurately spy on someone, you can take advantage of it. This is great if you are planning to give your kids a smartphone for the first time and want to keep them protected from the dangers lurking in the cyberworld without depriving them of the internet. You can also use this to help keep an eye on your employees and make sure they’re utilizing their business devices properly.

Other than XNSpy and mSpy, there is also other monitoring software available online for downloads such as iKeyMonitor, Spyera, and Hoverwatch. These apps will help you monitor a smartphone without it being in your possession. These apps work by accessing your target device remotely and displaying all recorded data on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Spy apps offer spying features such as access to private messages, pictures, videos, phone calls, current location, and just about anything else you need to know. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the room next door or miles away from your target, these amazing apps will help you retrieve all kinds of information from your target phone any time of the day.

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