May 24, 2021

Hookah Pipes – The Ultimate Guide

A hookah is a smoking device that is intended to make smoking enjoyable. Hookahs aren’t a modern concept; Hookah has a long and illustrious past. It was originated in India, but it grew rapidly to the Middle East, where it has since become a tradition and today, there are hookahs with one hose fitting and with several hose connectors.

People used a hookah to smoke Shisha, an enticing cigarette. However, they sometimes use it to consume cannabis. To smoke Shisha, choosing its pipe can be challenging for beginners.

Do you want to buy your first modern Hookah but aren’t sure where to start? What characteristics distinguish a strong hookah pipe? Which Hookah is the best to buy? Our comprehensive guide will educate you about all of the essential factors to consider when purchasing your first Hookah in 2021, in addition to ensuring high-quality smoke and a hookah that would last a long time.

Classification of Hookah Pipes

All hookahs are categorized by height, cloud quality, pull ease, flexibility, and longevity. In fact, now companies assessed each for ease of storage and disassembly following a smoking session. Companies also thought about how versatile the pipe is in terms of compatibility with various hookah tools and how simple it is to rinse after smoking.

Many beginners fail to buy a good quality hookah pipe for the very first time, so we created a complete beginner hookah guide to make things simple and seamless for you. This guide will help you buy the best hookah pipes in 2021, based on our extensive testing, so no more bristling with rage for wrong choices!

Choosing the Right Hookah Pipes

It can be difficult for a new hookah smoker to know how to pick the correct Hookah ( This guide will walk you through what you need to know before purchasing a hookah pipe.

Many aspects should be taken, including the Hookah’s origin, materials, height, multiple hose choices, and price.


The majority of modern hookahs are made in China by companies located in the United States and elsewhere. Traditional hookahs are made in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries.

Most typical hookahs are crafted by hand, while modern hookahs are manufactured on factory floors using modern production processes. It’s pretty simple to tell the difference between a modern and a traditional hookah. Construction, styling, and performance are all distinguishing features.

Modern hookahs are usually made of lighter-weight materials with no prominent spot welds. They’re usually made up of screwed-together twisted parts that can be conveniently unscrewed to suit into carrying cases. Since chromium is mixed into the last molding point, some of the more significant modern hookahs have superior finished work than traditional hookahs.

Traditional hookahs are slightly more enormous and made of heavier metals. They often use metal alloys, such as stainless steel with copper and brass. Modern hookahs are usually made of stainless steel, with some other materials thrown in for good measure. Brass is used around vital spots on standard hookahs, including the hose port and spark plug. The laser welding method, in which the brass joins the steel, is one of the significant benefits of using brass in these stages.


Identifying the appropriate hookah height is essentially a matter of individual interests. Hookah smokers with a lot of experience prefer hookahs that are between 28 and 32 inches long. This counter height is a good compromise between performance and ease of processing. Someone who plans to camp or travel often, on the other hand, may prefer the smaller Hookah. For someone who wants to smoke on their porch, a really tall hookah that can be put on the floor beside a table with transnational level seems like a better option.

In terms of efficiency, height does play a role. When smoking, a larger vase and stem will contain more smoke and create more smoke. This isn’t to say that tiny hookahs aren’t enjoyable to smoke.

Hookah Hose Options

Aren’t four hose-fitted hookahs gorgeous? They appear to be ideal for a get-together. Myriad hose hookahs aren’t all they were initially assumed to be, despite their appearance. The more hoses, the lower the output, so the more difficult it is to smoke the Hookah.

Since anyone who has a hose in their hand has to insert their tips while they’re not smoking, they’re out of reach. If one of the hose tips isn’t blocked, the smoker won’t be able to have enough suction to remove the smoke. Fortunately, several hose issues can be resolved. Rubber stoppers are included with most conventional multiple hose hookah pipes, making it simple to turn back to a single hose. You can also get a modern hookah with a designed, verified valve system, which is a lot easier to manage.

Moreover, when hosting large parties, there is no questioning the pleasure of taking out a two, three, or four hose hookah is one of the heavenly feels. This also adds to the party’s enthusiasm.

Prices for Hookahs

In the hookah industry, there is an old phrase, “you get what you pay for,” rings true.

If you purchase a hookah for less than $30 in the United States, you’re probably getting a dead duck. If you spend more than $100 on a hookah, you’re bound to get anything satisfactory that will ensure longevity. However, many traditional style hookahs can be very pricey and drop actual performance meets, owing to clear weld lines and bad finishing work.

Hookahs with well-known brand names will still cost 10 to 15% more than hookahs with little to no brand tags. In general, this price hike is appropriate to achieve a hookah of where you can be comfortable knowing.

Final Word

If you’re planning to buy a Hookah pipe, you should first know the various factors that need your attention. Interested individuals can check out the local smoke shops, and online to evaluate the options they’ve got to make sure you’re getting the best Hookah pipe.

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