November 11, 2021

Best language learning apps to have on your smartphone

It’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without phones. Everything we need from credit cards to social media apps is there. Your smartphone can serve as a great tool for learning a foreign language, especially if you’re struggling with staying consistent with your learning. We carry our phones everywhere with us, which makes it quite convenient to sometimes just pick it up and revise several words, for example.

You will be surprised at how valuable it may be to just spend from 5 to 10 mins using different language learning apps. You can not only pick up a new language but also polish up the knowledge of your target language. There are many language apps that offer different services, including private tutoring, interactive games for memorizing vocabulary, language webinars, speaking clubs, and more. Some of the apps even offer first lessons for free, however, if you want to continue learning you’ll have to pay for upgraded access.

The best apps for learning a language will accommodate your personal learning style. Some people are better readers, while others prefer listening to audio more. People also like different games and drills. No matter which option resonates with you better, there’s definitely a language app that will suit your needs. The most common pricing option for these apps is a subscription-based plan, meaning you pay only for a certain time period when you want to learn a language.

Language apps also regularly offer a variety of deals, so you can find great discounts. So you can save up some money on subscriptions.

Here are the 5 best language learning apps that are currently available on the market to help you become fluent in your target language:


LiveXP is a community of students and teachers, who are passionate about learning languages. The platform offers public streams, private lessons, and courses in several languages, including English, German, French, Arabic, and more. LiveXP offers many useful language learning resources.

For example, a live course. It’s a series of webinar-like lessons, which take place in real-time on certain days. Live courses can attend multiple students. What’s interesting about attending a live course is that upon its end, you will have it saved in your profile. You can choose the ones that suit your learning styles the most. You can access all webinars, live streams, and private tutoring whenever you want from any location.

But the most important thing for learning any language is 1-on-1 lessons with a tutor or teacher which is available both on LiveXP web and LiveXP app.


Preply was launched in 2012 as a language learning app and e-learning platform. As of 2021, there are over 140,000 tutors teaching 50 languages on the platform. it’s a large community of motivated and passionate individuals, who want to make language learning more fun and enjoyable.


Italki is a well-known language learning platform that connects students and teachers for online language lessons. Here you can find various teachers from all over the world that are offering affordable lessons online. You can schedule them anytime that works best for you. Italki boasts its large community of over 5 million students around the world learning more than 150 languages.


Verbling is also an online learning platform with over 10,000 experienced language tutors. Verbling offers lessons via video chat. You can find remote language learning opportunities on this platform to fit any budget. The Verbling platform allows you to have all your learning in just one place, which you can access anytime from anywhere in the world.


Memrise is a perfect app for those, who are only starting out their language learning journey. It’s also among the most popular language apps with its user-friendly interface and helpful video clips with the spoken dialects in action to help you master real-world scenarios. Many functions of this app are free of charge, however, there is also a premium plan for $140, where you will get a personalized learning plan and the ability to learn from native speakers.

Memrise gamifies language learning and makes it fun. It keeps users engaged and interested in continuing to learn the language they chose. This language app also has a great balance between the types of exercises and allows you to see your learning progress to fluency.

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