October 15, 2015

Propeller Ads Network Review – An Adsense Alternative

Want to monetize your Website with pretty good earnings? Don’t worry. We are here to guide you so as to enhance your earnings in a good way. As we all know, Google Adsense is the largest and most popular ad network that has millions of advertisers and publishers. Google Adsense is the best way to monetize your website. Still there are some other ad networks that help you to monetize your website and make good earnings. There are plenty of websites that are ready to pay a higher CPM for your traffic. Now, I am going to introduce a new ad network (New to Novice bloggers), Propeller Ads, which is a best and prevalent pop-under ad networks. Propeller Ads provides you many ways to monetize our website. Here is the complete review on Propeller Ads and some monetization solutions for the bloggers to make more money.

Propeller Ads – Powerful Ads Network

Propeller Ads is one of the rapidly growing advertisement network based in U.K. and are very popular among publishers from Indonesia, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil etc. It assures its users with 100% of your international traffic and also offers highest maximum CPM rates possible. Also, Propeller Ads have pretty god rates for some “hard to monetize” countries like India which places in top third position by the amount of traffic. . You can gain maximum CPM from Australia. You can easily monetize your website even if the visitors who comes to your website doesn’t click on any of your banners. No matter, the users click on your ads or not, you’ll be paid. Propeller Ads is a CPM based ad network that serve 650 million of daily impressions with several monetization methods for both desktop and mobile traffic.

If you have a website with pretty good traffic and the quality is stable, then CPM ads will definitely enhance your daily and monthly earnings. Propeller Ads is very popular among the advertisers as they mainly converge on maximum ROI for the advertiser.

Types of Ad Formats

Propeller Ads offers a wide variety of ad products or formats and it is the area where Propeller Ads  outdo other ad networks. No matter the type of blog or website you’re owning, an ad product will always be there through which you can generate income. Propeller Ads is famous for Pop-under ads and also provides different types of Ad formats. Here are the different types of Ad Formats or products offered by Propeller Ad network through which you can monetize your website.

OnClick Ads [PopUnder Ads]

OnClick Ads is the most effective ad product offered by Propeller Ads through which one can get a CPM rate of up to $10. PopUnder Ad is an Ad that pop-ups in a new tab or Window and displays in a full page format. If you wish to display any ad in a full page on your website, then OnClick Ads is the best choice.

You might have come across some music, download, viral videos/photos websites based on entertainment that display pop-ups and pop-under ads. Propeller Ads offer best CPM for Entertainment niche blogs that display pop-under ads. Onclick ads will not show any kind of impact on your search engine rankings and OnClick Ads also works on mobile devices.

Direct Ads

Direct Ads, otherwise called Direct Links is a unique ad product offered by Propeller ads where the publishers are given a URL to promote. You can promote your site by creating your own banner ads, text link ads, buttons, or even redirects. You can also monetize a website showing 404 page using these Direct Ads. Direct Ads product or format works best on downloads website such as Music, Apps, Wallpapers, Movies, etc.

Mobile Dialog Ads

Mobile Dialog Ads is a universal advertising format which adapts to any mobile device. It is a kind of an alert that displays a dialog box to the users. Through this, one can easily get allured and mobile dialog ad is the one of the best way to gain user’s attention that eventually generates higher click-through-rate and thereby CPM.

Propeller Ads

Dialog Ads work on mobile devices despite the type of connection, operating system and the device manufacturer.

Dialog Ads

Dialog Ads are the kind of Ads that occupies the whole screen on your mobile device by displaying a big banner so as to catch the attention of the reader thereby increases the CTR a lot. You will get more CTR through dialog ads. There are many other formats or products offered by Propeller Ad network and above mentioned are some of the major formats that help you to monetize your website.

How to get started with Propeller Ads Network

Propeller Ads is a quick network and it is not very hard to get start with this network. There are no barriers to signing up for this network. It’s just a 5-minutes process to sign-up for Propeller Ads network. You can instantaneously get an approval after creating an account. It is advisable not to promote adult websites or generating fake traffic in order to set up your first ad within few minutes. Follow the below steps to create an account for Propeller Ad network:

  • Initially, visit the website of Propeller Ads Media.
  • You will have two ways to sign up for this network. One is, sign up as Publishers and the other is sign up as Advertisers. You can sign up for a Publisher account.

Propeller Ads- sign up

  • You need to enter your Email ID, the Messenger you’re using and the current website for which you want to get Propeller Ads.
  • Choose the checkbox of Publisher and simply click on Start Now. You’ll then get access to the dashboard.

Propeller Ads media - Dashboard

  • You can view all the options like Earnings, Impressions, Clicks and CPM that you receive through your website.
  • Now, you need to go to Profile settings and fill up your payment method. Propeller Ads Media accept payments via Payoneer, Wire, EPESE, Webmoney Z and a few other. The minimum payment limit is $100 and the mode of payment will be on NET monthly basis.
  • You can then add your website by entering the domain name and then click Submit. Select the type of Ad you want to use and add it to your website and start earning money.

Pros of Propeller Ad Network

  • It is tremendously easy to get started with Propeller Ads network where all the accounts can be activated instantly.
  • It displays all your earnings in a neat tabular form or displays on a chart.
  • Propeller Ads share 80% of their ad revenue with publishers. It also supports various modes of payment.
  • This network generates the maximum CPM for entertainment blogs that include movies, downloads, music and viral websites.
  • You can even monetize your 404 pages with a full-screen ad without wasting the traffic.
  • You can refer other publishers to Propeller Ads if you are an existing publisher through which you can earn 5% of your future ad revenue for lifetime.
  • There is a possibility of using other advertising or affiliate networks like Google Adsense, CJ, Infolinks, etc., along with Propeller Ads network.
  • You can monetize your website and increase your earning using Propeller Ad Network.

Cons of Propeller Ad Network

  • PayPal payment is not supported which is a big drawback of Propeller Network.
  • If your traffic quality is poor, you could get low CPM.
  • User experience is quite less as it frequently shows pop-under ads, full-screen ads, etc.
  • It considers conversion while calculating the CPM and your final earnings will be based on the type of ad inventory.

Check Out the Video Here:

YouTube video

Final Verdict

Propeller Ads is just like an alternative to Google Adsense that helps you to monetize your website thereby generates income. But, remember that, you need to get real traffic to earn real income. Propeller Ads offer more number of ways to monetize your traffic. This is the complete review of Propeller Ads media.

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