May 20, 2022

BitIQ: The Investors Favorite Crypto Trading Bot

The proficiency of BitIQ is on the lips of many investors in the crypto market, and it is not difficult to know the reason why. BitIQ is an online money-making tool used for crypto trading. And it continues to deliver fat profits for its users. The consistency of this app is unparalleled, and it is why many investors choose it as their favorite app for trading cryptocurrencies. Much information is available in the appropriate online sources for users’ perusal. One such place to look is at

Favorite things investors like about BitIQ

1. Easy and quick account setup

Creating an account on this trading app is fun and easy. The platform requires few details and minutes for the signup process. There is no need for much paperwork and complex verification processes like other competitions that frustrate prospective traders.

2. Quick deposit and withdrawal

BitIQ makes it a duty to facilitate easy and fast payouts for its users once a withdrawal request becomes initiated. The disbursement of funds into the user’s local bank account does not take long. The only thing that can potentially delay receiving payment is the user’s internet connectivity.

3. Safe and secure

There is no better place to trade than BitIQ. And this claim is due to the potency of the security measures provided by the proprietors of this app. BitIQ continues to live up to its reputation as a safe place to trade cryptocurrencies. All the brokers are regulated and ensure even the app always abides by the book.

4. Delightful user interface

Another important thing that this app has is the bespoke design on its platform. It is only logical for such an excellent app to have a befitting design that is easy to use. Having a prior understanding of trading apps is not a requirement to use the app because the user interface has no complexity.

How to start using BitIQ

The first thing to do is find the registration page on the platform. There you can supply all your required information. Click on submit, and you will get a verification link via your registered email. Follow the link and get your account verified for use.

After the verification process, proceed to the demo section and start practicing trading if you are new to the trading circle. However, professional traders can also use the demo account to test new and unverified trading tactics. The beauty of this section is that you get to enjoy all the feelings you can get with the main trading account. And all your actions in this section do not affect your trading account but note that the virtual funds there and any profit made are not available for withdrawal.

After you are satisfied with your trading record in the demo section and confident of success in subsequent trades, go to the funding section and deposit to activate your account for live trading. It takes a few minutes for the fund to reflect on your account. Note that the minimum amount you can deposit is $250. And it is affordable for everyone. All new traders should start from this level rather than funding the account heavily at a go.

Now, you can start trading with a verified trading strategy to enjoy the same experience as those that already chosen this app as their favorite. Never forget to regularly withdraw your profits at the end of each trading session.

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