March 18, 2019

How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games and Browser’s?

Ads are most disgusting things in internet which distracts users while in the browsing session. Most of the ads which are displayed in the internet are not useful to most of the people. Now ads are expanding their range to show them on smart mobiles and showed up them while playing games and using apps. To block ads on Firefox and chrome there are so many extensions and add ons are available. In these extensions Ad block plus is popular and it also available to android users.

Here we explain two methods which are useful to block ads on android apps, games and browser. One is traditional method and another one is using application.

How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games and Browser?

There is one old and working method in windows operating system to block ads in internet. Here we use the same trick in android mobile too. That is hosts file trick.

1. We collect some websites which shows ads on android apps, games and kept them in one text file. First you need to download this file.

2. Now you must change the file name to hosts, because it doesn’t work if you use any other name except hosts.

3. After changing file name you need to transfer that file to android system folder. In system folder navigate to /etc folder and paste this hosts file which have bunch of websites which shows ads on android apps, games.

4. Here you need to made one other change that is rename hosts file into hosts.bak because there is already one hosts file available in that directory.

rename hosts file

5. Alternatively you can copy all websites from hosts file and paste them into your mobile system hosts file which is located on /system/etc folder.

system folder in android mobile

6. To paste hosts file you need to have administrative rights, if the above trick doesn’t work then you need to root your android mobile.

7. After completing all above steps just restart your mobile and see ads are blocked or not. Most of the ads are removed with this trick but it needs some more improvements. We will add some more websites in future to this list.

Block Ads on Android Apps, Games Using Adblock Plus for Android:

This is the most useful and easy method to block ads but you need to some more configurations. Then only it works effectively. You can download adblock plus for android from the below link.

Download Adblock plus for Android

If you use rooted android mobile then install this application with superuser permissions. Then only it’s working perfectly. If you have non rooted android mobile then you must do some more configurations like manual proxy setting. You can check all manual configuration settings from adblock plus website. (Settings for Non rooted Android mobiles)

adblock plus advanced settings

Block Ads on Websites with Adblock plus Firefox Extension:

If you feel above process is difficulty then you can use Firefox extension to block ads on websites only. To do this first download adblock plus extension for Firefox from the below link.

After installing extension just restart browser and see ads are appeared or not. If you want more options to block ads then go to adblock plus extension from menu and configure new options.

These are the working methods to block ads on both websites, android apps, games. If you have any doubts while installing application please leave a comment below.

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