June 18, 2021

Top 5 Android FM Radio Apps You Can Use Even Without Internet

Welcome to the digital age, where the technology of the past has been improved tenfold, if not more. Back then, music lovers carried around boomboxes, portable radios, CD players, and the like. But now, we have access to FM radio through apps that we can download to our smartphones, giving us unlimited access to music by connecting to the internet. However, there are certain times when we don’t have access to the internet or Wi-Fi despite our best efforts, such as when we’re running out of mobile data or vacationing somewhere that’s low on signal and doesn’t have a connection.

What do we do then if our only solace is music? Fortunately, not all hope is lost—there exist FM radio apps that you can still use even when you’re offline or without the internet. There are several of these apps we can recommend, although they are more limited compared to those that need an internet connection. So, if you’re looking to access music without having to carry around an old-school radio, check out our app recommendations below.

Top 5 Android FM Radio Apps

You’ll be surprised to know just how many offline FM Radio apps are available out there, but in this case, we’ll only be providing our top 5. Each app will come with various radio stations, some of which are even from international lands. It’s effortless to get started, too—after installing the app of choice, simply select which radio station you want to listen to, and voila!

Our list comes in no particular order, so let’s get started!

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The first on our list is called Stitcher, an FM radio app that can provide various features to fit your needs even when you’re not connected to the internet. If you enjoy listening to documentaries, podcasts, and your regular radio talks, then Stitcher is definitely a great app to check out. Plus, streaming radio through Stitcher means you’ll be listening to content that comes from none other than well-known channels, such as CNN, BBC, NPR, and many others.

To start listening to content offline, you can download your favorite episodes and save them in your phone’s memory. That being said, one possible turn-off for this app is that it doesn’t have playback controls when using handsets.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio is definitely one of the best offline radio apps out there. For one thing, this app offers a lot in terms of variety because you have the option to listen to radio stations from across the globe and not just from your area. Plus, the iHeart Radio app has many great features available, such as the option to listen to music based on your mood or how you’re feeling at that moment.

iHeart Radio remembers what kind of music you listen to, taking note of your usual genre and playing music that fits those genres.


If you’re the type of music lover who enjoys discovering new songs and genres, then DashRadio is for you. Not only will you gain access to exclusive radio stations, but this app also gives you the option to create your very own radio station playlist. With DashRadio, you can compile everything you love in one organized place, and you can listen to these songs anywhere and everywhere.


Now, we know we said that we’d be providing a list of offline FM radio apps, but PCRadio is an exemption to the rule. Technically, PCRadio isn’t a completely offline app because it needs a little internet connectivity to work—emphasis on “a little.” As such, we’ve decided to add this app to the list anyway because the internet consumption needed is so little.

According to PCRadio’s developers, the app can still work without a hitch even if your internet speed is as low as 24 kbit/s. Compared to how much data other apps eat up, this is barely anything. Just like the other apps mentioned above, PCRadio offers a plethora of radio stations from all over the world. No matter what kind of genre you’re into, may it be rock, pop, jazz, and more, you’ll be able to listen to your favorites on PCRadio.

TuneIn Radio

Last but not least, we can’t end this list without recommending TuneIn Radio, one of the best FM radio apps out there that’s ideal for offline use. TuneIn Radio gives you the option to listen to not only FM radio but AM radio as well. Just like the others, you can gain access to thousands of radio stations, podcasts, music, and more.

This app also has a premium version that you’ll have to pay for if you want to access all the additional features available, such as access to audiobooks, live NFL, and more.

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The Benefits of Mobile FM Radio

Now that you have a great list of apps, you’re probably wondering, “why can’t I just listen to FM radio on an actual radio?” We’re definitely not stopping you from doing so, but there are several reasons why streaming FM radio on your smartphone is beneficial, asides from the obvious reason that is convenience.

Fewer Advertisements

Advertisements can get really annoying, especially when you’re already in the zone, and you just want to listen to music without interruption. When you’re listening on traditional broadcast radio, there’s a very high tendency that you have no choice but to listen to ads one after the other. This could even cause some listeners to turn off the radio. With mobile FM radio, however, there may be a few advertisements, but it’s not enough to ruin your mood. Besides, the duration of these ads is not as long, too.

More Options and Variety

Have you ever experienced those days when you want to listen to music but don’t know which song or genre to play? During these days, it’s best to turn on your FM radio and enjoy the music without having to think too much about the songs. Internet FM radio offers variety and remembers what kind of genre you often listen to, so you’ll be provided a list of songs that will still match your interests.


The next time you’re going to a place that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, make sure you download at least one of these offline FM radio apps to keep you entertained wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing. Take a look at all the benefits and features offered by each app before downloading to ensure that you have the right one that fits your needs.

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