March 13, 2022

Can You Draw A Venn Diagram?

Yes, we all can draw a Venn diagram, once we understand the concept. A Venn diagram is only an illustration that uses different sizes of circles to show the relationship between among many things or any other kinds of a finite group of things. The relationship is caused by knowing – if the circles overlap each other then they have traits in common. While the circles which do not overlap each other do not have many traits in common.

The Usefulness of Venn Diagram

As known, the Venn diagram is used to graphically represent the similarities and differences between two concepts. The Venn diagrams were used as educational tools since long as they make the understanding of the students very easy. Starting from the 20th century, the Venn diagrams were used as a major part of the introductory logic curriculum which was taught at the elementary level, in the system of educational plans the Venn diagrams found their importance.

Where are Venn Diagrams Applied?

As this is a clear fact that the Venn diagrams depict the items which are related to each other that are used as overall backdrop, the universe, data set, or the environment. For example, the Venn diagrams are used for comparing two companies operating in varied segments. This can represent the similarities and the dissimilarities between them.

Thus, we can say that the Venn Diagrams are a basic pictorial representation of the relationship that is developed between the two sets of things. Anyway, they are quite complex in nature. They are used in the following fields, language, statistics, computer science, business, etc.

When Can You Draw a Venn Diagram?

You can draw Venn diagrams to illustrate the fruit names which come in red or orange color, this will be probably drawn by the kids or the new learners. While others can use Venn diagrams to study complicated relations between two or more variables. You can simply jot down the pointers of the variables and put them each in a circle then overlap the circles for the pointers which are common in them

This will make the study effective.

How Will You Draw a Venn Diagram?

A Venn diagram can be drawn with an infinite number of circles. While this has to be taken care of more than three circles will make the study a bit more complicated. So, let us quickly check out the easy steps of constructing a Venn Diagram. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Firstly categorize the items which will be placed in the sets.
  • Step 2: Next draw a rectangle and then label it with the correlation being in sync with it.
  • Step 3: Now draw the circles with the categories you have.
  • Step 4: Now you will place all the items in the respective circles.

Illustration of Venn Diagram Symbols

As you know, there are over 30 symbols in a Venn Diagram while here we will study the most important of them. The important symbols are as follows:

∪ – this is the union symbol. This is represented when the elements belong to either set.

∩ – this is the intersection symbol. This represents that elements belong to both sets. U is the universal set.

Ac or A’ – This is the complement symbol. This reads as ‘elements not belonging to Set A.

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