January 27, 2021

Content Writing in 2021: Trends to Follow

Content writing is an ever-evolving industry, and trends dictate how people work every day. This article will outline some fun content writing trends that you need to follow in 2021.

To say that the past year has been turbulent would be an understatement. Aside from all the political unrest, changes in people’s professions, and general confusion, the global pandemic has ravaged millions of people’s livelihoods.

One of the pandemic’s most significant effects fell on the workforce and companies, attempting to juggle the new guidelines and productivity. Many people started to consider a career move, especially those that realized how uncertain their positions might be. However, pursuing new goals is undeniably useful. It makes an employee more versatile, not limited to a specific area or industry.

People working as content writers or taking similar positions might already be working from home. It is especially true if you are a freelancer supplying content for various clients.

For many writers that typically work in the office, adjusting to the new home routine might pose some issues. Some have fallen behind on their work, others have persisted through the pandemic. Usually, it all depends on the individual. However, if you are struggling to find your voice during the pandemic, you might need a little push. In many cases, inspiration is the healing force, allowing people to reclaim their drive.

One inspiring notion comes from new content writing trends for 2021. Whether you are only starting as a content writer or have worked in the field before, these tips will be easily achievable for all. Thus, we are some of the recommendations to make your keyboard-clicking experience more enjoyable. Some of them refer to the golden-rules every writer should know.

Lightning-Fast Content

Content writing has never been about speed – it’s always been about quality. Journalism might fall outside of this rule, but that’s because it doesn’t follow traditional deadlines. When a story breaks, you’ll need to report it, then and there, and we see this trend leak out into the world of content writing.

Today, many clients will look for fast, snappy, and satisfying content to boost their ranking on search engines and improve their overall activity. Google is always undergoing some change and staying on top of the game means following new rules, regulations, and preferences by the king of search engines. Perhaps the best way to do so is to produce fast, relatively short, and very relevant content.

Evergreen Content

When it comes to content, what is one of the things that clients are always looking for? Longevity. While content writers would love it if clients ordered a metric ton of content each day (most of us would), clients are looking to get the best bang for their buck, and this means that they want content that lasts.

Evergreen content is just that. This type of content lasts a long time, as it’s just vague enough to leave room for any future developments and trends and just precise enough to cover the bulk of the information available. This is incredibly trendy in 2021, as clients are looking into ways to improve their website’s content without continually reframing their content.

Subtle Sales

“What do you know about XY products? Well, let me tell you, this product will change your life forever. Not only will it change your life for the better, but it will change the lives of everyone on the planet, and the best part, it’s as affordable as possible.”

Every content writer in the world is guilty of writing something akin to this at least once in their life, and consumers aren’t too satisfied with it. If you’re trying to sell a service or product through your content, the days of in-your-face promotional material are long gone – it’s all about subtlety now.

You’ll need to package the service or product in a neat little bow that outlines all of the benefits, features, and pros of the item you’re selling – all while avoiding marketing it. Instead of giving the reader something to buy, you should slowly edge them onward to decide that they need the products themselves.

Friendly Tones

The average Joe doesn’t want to discuss with a corporate suit – it can be intimidating. That is why most consumers like to read a piece of content that speaks to them in a friendly manner. Including a friendly tone in your writing can make a difference, depending on your target audience. Thus, consider the people you target, and produce content that would be understandable and inviting to them.

Extend Your Digital Reach

The chances are that content writers also use a variety of tools. Be it to communicate with their team or to check the quality of their content. Additionally, writers know the struggle of finding resources for their writing. Thus, it is likely that they will go beyond the first or second page in Google search results. In some cases, when writers produce content for people in specific countries, meaning that they should be familiar with that market. A Virtual Private Network can help get a better look at the content popular in different regions.

A VPN lets you virtually travel to any spot on the map. How does this work? Well, let’s say you live and work in Italy. However, you want to do research on consumers in Norway. After connecting to a VPN server in Norway, you can browse the internet as if you were in that geo-location. Thus, this tool is great for extending your digital reach for research purposes. Additionally, it encrypts your traffic, meaning that you minimize the risks of leaking your data.

Final Thoughts

Content writing is one of the most buzzing industries. It’s our professional duty to change according to our clients’ requests – and knowing what our clients may ask from us means being one step ahead of them. As long as you stick to the trends provided in this article, we’re sure you’ll have a successful, productive, and lucrative year. Always look for new inspirations and read content from your favorite writers. If you encounter writing blocks, such simple tricks can help you get back on track.

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