March 20, 2017

Contentmart – One of the Fastest Growing Global Platforms for Hiring Quality Content Writers!!!

It is a known fact that the content for any website is like an engine for an automobile. The richer the content, the smoother and the better the website flourishes. No matter how sophisticated the website’s design is, it is always the content that makes the impact. It is the content that forms the soul of any blog/website. Few clients hire in-house quality writers who could produce creative and unique content for their blogs and it would cost a bit higher for a solo-client to maintain such a team. So most clients would be interested in outsourcing this work by hiring freelance writers who can help them with the content when needed on a regular basis and pay them based on the individual project. Keeping the interest of such clients in mind, many online platforms have come up which would establish a connection between clients and freelance writers but every such platform has it’s own set of disadvantages. The major drawback of such platforms was the lack of trust establishment and the lack of privacy between the two parties.

So the major question that we are concerned today is that – Are there any online platforms that could curb the distance between the clients and the writers and generate, close deals in a hassle free/trustworthy environment? Well,  we found an answer in our quest for a freelance writer for one of our projects in the form of contentMart and we would strongly recommend you to try this out.




What is ContentMart?

ContentMart is a content marketplace that serves as a wonderful platform not only for the authors and copywriters but also for those who are looking for the perfect wordsmiths. The corporates, the bloggers or the E-commerce site owners can hire robust content writers for their projects through this site.

The content can be any of the following types –

  • Informative articles
  • Attractive Press releases
  • Editing &Proofreading
  • Product descriptions
  • Blogposts
  • SEO friendly content
  • Testimonials

All of these from quality native writers at one place to fulfill your needs.

How does it work for the blogs/ businesses ?

The bloggers/corporates who are looking to hire writers for their projects will have a very easy and hassle-free experience in finding the writers, explaining their requirements and fulfilling the payments. Here is how you do it.

1. Firstly, register with ContentMart and then go to My Orders, you will find the set of steps you need to follow to get your task done.



2. Place the New order. You will be thrown with a page where you can create your order by giving all the necessary details such as the Title, Description, No. of articles, No. of words etc. You can also attach files for reference.



3. Get the luxury of choosing the writer of your choice. We can choose from a wide range of writers precisely 54,000 writers as on date from across the globe. The ratings and the numbers or orders the writer has already taken up are some of the parameters that help us in analyzing a writer. We required a Spanish writer for one of our projects and we found the right guy who jelled very well with us.


4. Once we choose the writer we have complete privacy to interact with him/her and get our task completed. The chat feature is a really wonderful option that helps you interact and grab updates from the writer and also give necessary add-ons to the task.

contentMart chat feature

5.  When you are done with your work and satisfied with the output you can go ahead and pay the writer. However, if it’s your first order you need to pay the writer before he/she starts the work. You can deposit funds through Credit/Debit card, Net banking, Paypal etc. We had a very smooth payment processing experience and we would give a thumbs-up in this regard.


How does it work for writers?

If you are a writer and you are looking for some freelance projects, then ContentMart is a quality platform where you get to interact and get paid directly by the clients. Here is how it works for you guys on ContentMart.

1.  Register as a writer. You have the flexibility of choosing your category of writing and the areas & languages of your expertise. This will help you project in your area of strength and this fetches you better deals.



2. You can impress the clients by modifying your profile on ContentMart in the best possible way. Portray your best works and build a robust portfolio which the client just can’t deny.

3. Once you registered and created your profile, you can choose from a list of orders and bid for the project for your choice.


4.  If the client is happy with your bid, you can connect with them through the chat feature and clarify on all the queries and start working on the project. ContentMart is a reliable platform so be rest assured that you get your payments on time.




Well hard to believe that you get so many features at one place-satisfying both the clients and the writers at the same time. If you have no team or no time to produce quality content, just say Hola!! to ContentMart and enjoy a hassle-free journey. Definitely worth a try folks!

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