September 9, 2020

Different Ways for How to Convert PDF to Word for Free

While converting word documents to pdf or while saving them directly into pdf formats, this has always been an extremely easy practice, but we cannot say the same for the pdf to word conversion. Now if you want to convert a pdf file to word then don’t worry, we can help you in this conversion with the help of the best conversion tools available on the web.

We would not recommend you search the web for the best pdf to word converter tools if you would get confused with the bulk of results that the search engine will throw at you. In this three-minute resource, we are going to tell you all about the best pdf to word converter tools available on the web for you guys!

Top PDF to Word converters in 2020!

Here we have discussed the best utilities that can help you convert pdf files to word without any complications. So don’t waste your time and read the details of the best pdf to word converter tools!

Xodo PDF to Word Converter

Xodo is an easy-to-use PDF to Word converter that allows you to quickly convert PDF files to editable DOCX documents online. Simply upload your PDF file, start the conversion, and download your new converted DOCX that you can then edit and update the way you want. Note that you can also use Xodo Pro to convert scanned PDF to Word with OCR and batch process multiple files at once. Besides the PDF to Word converter, you can use more than 30 other tools to work with your PDF files.

PDF to Word Converter – Duplichecker

The first pdf to word converter is free and easy to use. There are many free online converter tools, but this is the simplest plus most reliable pdf2doc tool, navigate to will get you to the pdf to doc converter page directly, there you can use the upload button to grab your pdf files. After completing the uploading, you just have to convert the ‘Convert to Word’ button, and the converter will get you a new and reliable word file that you can download on your device for free. This online utility does not require any formalities or registrations; you can use it any time and on any device!

PDF Converter

The second PDF Converter in our list today is known as the PDF Converter App. This is a full-service app that you should know and should surely have in your pocket. You can create new pdf files with the help of this app, and not only you can convert pdf files to word, but you should know that this app supports all kinds of pdf to MS formats. This pdf to word converter app has also earned many impressive awards because of their fantastic services. You can also edit your pdf content with this app!


This is the simplest pdf to word converter tool available on the web and is also known as the breeze in this league of tools. You should know that this online tool is easy to use and can be used by users of all ages and all professions as well. You just have to select the pdf files and drag them to the tool, after this, you have to click on the ‘convert to word’ button, and the tool will present you with the downloadable version of the word file. You can also grab your files from online sources like dropbox and google drive!


Now, this is yet another online tool cum application service that you can have on your device or can use it online. This is also an easy to use service and can be used by people from all professions and even by students. You should know that this is an online-based program so you would need an internet connection to convert your files to word for free. You can enjoy the conversion of batch pdf files to word with this online converter tool. This converter supports batch conversion on both mobile and desktop devices!


This is another important pdf to word converter tool that you should get familiar with. You should know that this tool is not like the minimalist converters on the web. It can not only help you in the conversion of pdf files to the word but can also help you in annotation and editing of the pdf files that you are having on your system.

You should also know that you can convert the unlimited number of pdf files with this online converter tool and the best part is that it also supports batch and bulk conversions. The usage of this converter tool is also very easy, and you can easily operate it even if it’s your first time!

WPS PDF to Word Converter

This is another online pdf to word converter tool that you should know about in somewhat detail. This is a downloadable converter application for a desktop device. Once you install this tool/app on your device, you would not need any kind of internet connection to convert your files to different formats. You should know that this online converter supports batch processing, accurate and unlimited conversions and can also provide you with different templates for pdf for free!

Nitro PDF converter

Now, this is another online and reputed pdf to word converter tool that you should know about. We want you to know that with this online converter, you can grab pdf files from your local as well as online drives and can convert them to word for free.

You should know that this online converter is best for windows and other digital platforms so you can use it on all digital and modern devices. This converter comes with a free version with limited conversion features, but if you want to hook up with the pro features then you have to pay around 150 dollars yearly!

Online OCR

This is the last online pdf to word converter tool and how you can convert your files to docs format. You should know that with this online OCR technology tool you can simply scan the pdf document and use the text extraction option of the tool to convert all the text into text format or you can also save it into word format for free. An online OCR is also a free tool that you can use on all modern devices having various operating systems!

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