August 25, 2020

Corona-virus: Tech Layoffs In Silicon Valley 

State officials have received the latest batch of planned layoffs, and there are a number of high profile Silicon Valley names in the midst. The latest list is a reminder that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will be felt for some time. The companies who are planning more layoffs include Uber, Gatan, and Genentech, proving that the shutdown order is affecting even big companies, according to one of the best California employment lawyers at Nakase Accident Lawyers and Employment Attorneys.

An upswing in hiring during May and June gave many people hope that the worst is behind us. However, while new roles are required to navigate the current and post-pandemic world, old roles may be lost in the adaption process. The planned job losses given to the EDD continue at a much faster past than the normal pre-coronavirus.

  • Genentech is planning to lay off 474 in South San Francisco by September 18. The biotech company notified the EDD with a WARN notice; these cuts are expected to be permanent.
  • Uber plans to lay off 167 workers in Palo Alto and 275 in San Francisco by June 5. The ride-booking tech company says that there has been a significant decrease in demand because of the stay at home order and business shutdowns. They have laid off 3,700 workers worldwide.
  • Seaside Dining Group, the supervisor of Denny’s, gave a WARN notice expecting 370 layoffs in the Bay Area, 213 of which would come from San Jose. In Monterey County, they expected to lay off 43 workers.
  • Gatan, the electronic instrument maker in Pleasanton, gave a WARN notice expecting to furlough 105 workers. This was expected to be temporary, and time off was to be taken at the discretion of employees throughout the month of July.

As jobs continue to be cut, with little scope for rehiring, many workers in the Bay Area are concerned about their futures. Many people who have been furloughed or laid off already during the stay at home orders have reported scrambling to gain accreditation and further training to better their job prospects in a sea of applicants. Fortune will favor those who adapt and create value to the post-pandemic world.


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