January 20, 2018

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Handset Design Leaked – Here Is The Wrap Up!

After Samsung’s Edge Screen Display becoming a big hit, now the South Korean Tech giant is looking forward on foldable displays. Reportedly, the phone will be called as Samsung Galaxy X.

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The idea of the foldable display isn’t new to Samsung. Earlier at CES 2014, the company showed its first foldable phone prototype at a private event. According to reports, Samsung showed off the foldable phone behind the closed doors at CES 2018.

Galaxy X is rumoured to have a 7.3 inch OLED display that folds inwards and outwards. The device may also come with a stylus. The smartphone’s model number, SM-G888N0, has been posted on Samsung’s support page. The page is currently empty and there is no other information as of now.

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Samsung unveiled the wizardry of the foldable display. Notably, the device uses a polyimide film to get the foldable display. This film is flexible, light-weight and resistant to chemicals and heat. Samsung X might be less sleek than other smartphones as unlike other smartphone designs, it has a curved, wavy design at the back of the phone. As per our assumption, this might help the device to fold without damaging any internal components.

Interestingly, the bottom of the screen seems to have a curved edge that will be visible only if the phone is closed. This might serve as a notification ticker. According to World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), the smartphone will include a heart rate monitor. Reportedly, the edge area will be able to display multiple users profiles, allowing them to enter their password and access their information.

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Allegedly, Samsung submitted a patent application that illustrates that the device will include a hinge in the middle which is possibly going to be the main attraction of the design.The device is expected to be released by late 2018 or early 2019.

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