April 19, 2022

Different Types of Gear in World of Warcraft 

In World of Warcraft, players can equip different items in their equipment slot, and these items are referred to as gear. These come in different shapes and sizes, and each one has a specific purpose attached to it. However, some players don’t know a lot about gears and how they work in the game. To clear the confusion, we’re going to talk about everything you need to know about gear in WoW.

The first thing you need to know about gear is that it is divided into different tiers. Each piece of equipment has a specific color attached to it, which indicates its level in the tiers. Better quality gears offer better stats and have different enchantments attached to them. For instance, a piece of gear might provide you with a 24% chance of landing a critical strike. 

Different methods can help you acquire gear in the game, such as taking down enemies, doing Dungeons, and so on. You can also do Raids to get high-quality gear, for which you can also check out the Sotfo Normal boost

World of Warcraft Gear Types

To become a better player in World of Warcraft, you must know about different types of gear. So without any further due, let’s take a look at the different gears that can be found in World of Warcraft.


First, we have Poor gear. As its name suggests, it is the poorest quality gear you can get in the game, and it won’t do you any good. You should only use it when you have no other option. Most players tend to sell Poor gear to vendors as soon as they get it as they find it useless to wear it. In other words, the purpose of Poor gear is to only get you some gold. If a player does wear it, it’s only when there is an upgrade available for it. Otherwise, there is no use for it. You can get Poor gear randomly by killing different creatures as you’re exploring the world. 


Next up, we have Common gear. This is better than the Poor gear to some extent, but you shouldn’t expect a lot from it as well. It won’t do you any good in the long run, and you should use it only when you’re unable to find gear of any other quality other than Poor. This type of gear is mostly purchased from different vendors who can be found throughout the map. There will be times when some of your abilities will require a certain type of gear. In the beginning, you won’t be able to get high-quality gear, so your best option will be to purchase White-colored gear from the vendor. This is the only acceptable time to use this gear, and you should make a switch from it as soon as you find a better option.


Green-colored gear falls in the category of Uncommon equipment, and it’s better than the above-mentioned qualities in every way. Unlike Poor and Common gear, this one has some stats attached to it. This is the type of gear that you’ll mostly wear during the early parts of the game, as it will be enough for your initial journey. Uncommon gear is mostly obtained as a reward for completing quests, so you’ll acquire it frequently as you keep on progressing through the game. However, this type of gear won’t do you any good after you have made significant progress in the game. 


As you progress through the game, you’ll acquire Blue-colored gear at some point. This is a Rare type of gear that is not easy to get, but you’ll acquire it more as you have progressed through half of the game. Rare gear is better than Uncommon gear as it offers better stats and is more valuable. This type of gear is acquired by completing an entire quest chain. Furthermore, doing Dungeons can also help you get this gear. This is because the bosses you defeat during Dungeons drop plenty of loot, especially the final boss. Along with different other items, they’ll drop Rare gear as well. 


Now, coming down to the ultimate type of gear you can get in World of Warcraft. Epic gear is one of the best types of gear that you can get, but you won’t be able to acquire it during the early stages. It is something that you’ll wear after you have reached a high level with your character. After you hit max level with your character, your main goal will be to get Epic gear in all of your equipment slots. This type of gear is usually acquired by completing high-level Dungeons and Raids. Epic gear can also be acquired from different vendors, but you’ll need a good amount of gold to purchase them. 


Oranged-colored gear falls in the category of Legendary items. This type of gear is better than all the above-mentioned types, and it is extremely powerful. While Epic gear is difficult to obtain, Legendary gear is even more difficult to acquire. This is also a limit to how many Legendary gear pieces you can equip on your character. This is done to keep a balance in power. Getting this type of gear requires completing a long chain of quests, meaning that you won’t be able to get it without going through plenty of trouble. 


If you think legendary gear holds the title of the strongest type of gear in World of Warcraft, then you’re wrong. This is because there exists another type of gear that is even more powerful than it; that is Artifact gear. This type of gear is extremely difficult to obtain, and only lucky players manage to get their hands on it. It was first introduced through the Legion expansion, and players have since been trying their best to get their hands on it. 

This was all regarding the different types of gears in World of Warcraft. During the early stages of your journey, you won’t be able to get better quality gear, and that’s okay. This is because you won’t be needing high-quality gear at that point. But as you progress through the game, you’ll eventually come across better gear more often. Your ultimate goal is to get Rare gear after you hit max level with your character. And once you start doing higher-level Dungeons and Raids that feature some of the toughest bosses in the game, you’ll start getting high-quality gear quickly. 

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