August 30, 2022

Striptease in VR Chats

A luxurious burlesque show has always attracted the interest of the male part of the population. Professionals and a certain category of women dance in the clubs, who are so liberated and possess sexuality that they use dancing not only as a form of income but also as a hobby. Today, it is rather difficult to surprise with just an erotic dance since there are a huge number of professional videos on the network. The dancer must have the charisma of Demi Moore, who danced the solo part more than 30 years ago in the film “Striptease” or the irrepressible activity and temperament of Elizabeth Berkley’s “Showgirls”.

Bright Show Is Available Online

The profession of a stripper is not very popular as society considers that these women have a low social responsibility, but at the same time, to get into an elite strip club, girls undergo a rigorous selection process and withstand high competition. The best ones manage to dance on the stage, so men cannot take their eyes off the daring and impregnable beauties. However, today you can enjoy striptease shows on VR live webcams.

If 20-30 years ago, it was enough to wear erotic lingerie for a striptease, casually throw on a boa made of natural fur or wrap yourself in feathers that will play in the rhythm of body movements, today a simple naked body and a primitive staging are not enough. To become an interesting girl who dances an erotic dance on the verge of a sexual explosion and arouses genuine interest among the male public, she must:

  • have a beautiful physique;
  • be able to move incendiary, and for this, she needs to have a basic dance education, natural flexibility, and plasticity;
  • choose the right underwear, which, despite the nudity, will show the eroticism and sexuality of the body;
  • know the best angles and poses to captivate the attention of the audience.

Reasons for the Attractiveness of the Female Dance

The stripper costume involves wearing shoes with very high heels and an additional toe wedge. Dancing in such shoes is dangerous for life, so they came up with a pylon – a metal pole, holding on to which girls feel safe in erotic equipment.

For men, the pole is an imaginary symbol of the phallus, around which young dancers curl or rub with half-naked bodies. Watching how the pole is wrapped around their legs, their bosoms are close to the cold iron surface, men cherish the hope that the girls are exhausted from desire, drill visitors with a wild look, therefore, they want intimacy with them.

The stripper’s professionalism lies in the fact that each viewer must think that she is dancing just for him. Every businessman should give as big a tip as possible, so the beauties portray passion, playing along with the male imagination.

The Secret of Striptease Popularity in Virtual Reality Chats

Striptease implies slow body movements and quiet music with gradual undressing. Sometimes, for the colorfulness of the dance, improvised objects are used – a chair on which a woman can sit, hold on to the back, walk around and create an erotic mood. The main secret of the attractiveness of dance for men is that the dancer keeps the intrigue to the very end. The more items of clothing, the more interesting the process. So, what turns men on in a striptease:

  • During the dance, the girl makes unambiguous movements – she twists her hips, spreads her legs, raises her arms, turns, throws her head back, and shows her body from different angles. The asymmetry of movements, and the costume affects the perception – you always want to watch such shows and consider everything – dance, clothes, body, and face.
  • All movements are initially addictive, with a circular effect, but at the last moment, there is an acceleration and a sharp change of scenery. Just now the girl smiles sweetly and pulls her tie towards her, and the next moment she turns her back and twists her hips. She has just unfastened the clasp of her bra and it seems that when turning, the man will see bare breasts, but the girl’s hands intriguingly hide the most desired place. At such moments, the viewer is covered in a cold sweat, as he is given bait, but it is not possible to catch a fish – the hunter’s instinct, which has been dormant for so many years, explodes – the man sees only one target.
  • Experienced strippers in virtual reality chats put great emphasis on the selection of underwear. If you immediately show the whole body, it will not be interesting to watch the dance. Ladies with experience are advised to opt for black or red underwear – color effects, lace, guipure, stockings, and a belt work flawlessly.
  • There is always a show – there is drama, the lady plays the role of a timid seductress or a wild panther, a cunning beast or an active warlike Martian. For men, this sweet sight adds variety to the imagination, which will help make everyday sex more interesting and vibrant.

A VR chat with girls dancing striptease is a place where a man feels like a master of the situation. He becomes a hero, having forgotten about household duties and gender roles of the family, a real macho – a beauty curls around him with a naked elastic body. Where else can you get so much attention from the sexiest beauties?

To make it comfortable for men to spend time in VR chats, girls create a pleasant atmosphere. The environment supports the idea of ​​the alpha male, the dominant male nature. Here women do everything that a man wants. He sets the tone for the evening, pays for VIP service, and gets maximum attention. Pleasant emotions and impressions are supported by private dances when the girls are in a special room and dance only for one gentleman. A man can ask for a dance theme or an erotic costume. The choice of music is also ordered by the visitor who pays for the VIP service. No wonder, any man will like this experience and everyone, without exception, will want to come back again and again.

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