September 25, 2014

Launching Digital Racks – A Reliable and Most Affordable Web Hosting

Digital Racks – A Powerful Web Host is a worldwide provider of shared, vps and dedicated web hosting. Digital Racks is the best place for any kind of website or blog as we provide 24 hours unlimited support to our clients. The best part is the affordable prices which we give to our clients. We provide cheapest hosting with maximum real time traffic handling.


Story behind Digital Racks

Everyone has issues with hosting providers and even we were suffering serious web hosting issues and traffic handling capabilities. By the time we moved to wordpress, we knew that shared hosting wouldn’t work, so we chose VPS hosting service. Our most happening site, All India Youth, was ranking on top for every keyword and we had huge traffic every day, so we took the highest package on VPS hosting service.

Ironically even the highest package couldn’t handle the traffic we were getting everyday. The resources used to get consumed at a faster rate and we had to again upgrade the servers. We also faced many server breakdown issues and lost many visitors and also several dollars because of that. We also consulted and visited various server administrators and server providers like CtrlS., but couldn’t find the best solution for the problem.

We didn’t give up!!

Later, with alot of research and suggestions, we figured out that its not about the package of hosting you buy, but its about how effectively and conservatively you handle the server. The most important lesson we learnt was to understand the resources the server has and conserve the resources to best possible extent.

After implementing and testing, we finally were in a position to handle huge traffic with around 1 million active visitors on the website. Soon after that, we knew that there are many bloggers and website administrators out there who undergo the same problem. That was the beginning of Digital Racks! 

We being bloggers faced so many issues, so we don’t want our fellow bloggers to undergo the same situation in the future. As bloggers we wouldn’t like to spend too much on hosting and need alot of technical support, atleast in the beginning of our blogging career.

 Why choose Digital Racks as your hosting provider?

Cheap Prices compared to the rest of the hosting providers.

 Best support round the clock.

 Provide complete technical support.

 Host multiple domains and websites on your account.

Unlimited space and transfer bandwidth.

Guarantee 99.99% up time.

Awesome Affiliate platform.

Highly Reliable

Best Packages on Digital Racks

Shared Hosting:


 VPS Hosting:





Does Digital Racks have hardware servers?

No! We do not have established hardware servers with us. But what we do is, we are tied up with few server providers who supply us with raw hardware servers. We take up raw servers and manage them.

You just focus on traffic, let us take care of technicalities for you.

We here by launch the most powerful and reliable web hosting provider “Digital Racks” officially today!

About the Affiliate Program:

We also have an affiliate program starting from $30 to over $50 per signup. You can register over here

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About the author 

Imran Uddin

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