January 22, 2023

Eastern Europe Software Development Outsourcing in 2023

Software development in Eastern Europe has been around for over a decade. More and more companies choose to outsource software development in Eastern Europe. And this is understandable. Affordable prices and the ability to scale make outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe extremely competitive. IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe is even more profitable than in South Asia. According to a GSA report, 69 percent of respondents predict that they’ll be using outsourced IT services.

This article will show how software outsourcing has progressed in Eastern Europe and the plans for 2023.

But what makes software development outsourcing in Eastern Europe so desirable?

Every business owner should keep an eye on profits. Profit margins are negligible, and prices are competitive across all industries. But here’s the catch: software development costs in Eastern Europe are 70% lower than in the West, and it’s not just about magnitude.

Numerous Eastern European developers have years of knowledge behind them, which puts them among the best of the best.

As a result, many Western companies choose to outsource their software development projects from Europe.

Statistics, please!

Eastern Europe is well positioned to benefit from the booming $556 billion development outsourcing enterprise. Nowhere else will you find great attention to top-notch software development skills in one region. Because labor prices are lower than in the West, Eastern European companies offer their customers a competitive advantage.

Software Development in Eastern Europe: Benefits

Eastern European software outsourcing companies have become a real business partner, an outsourcing extension of your internal resources. Cause? It’s not just about hiring the best creators. Excellent software companies are open-minded to feedback, they deliver valuable service, they can meet deadlines, and they come up with solutions that work. Eastern European software consultants have exceeded the stereotype of affordable offshore developers who can churn out crappy code.

  • They’re cheap: It’s no secret that software development costs in Eastern Europe are much lower than in the US. But did you comprehend that you can employ similar skills for as much as 40 percent less when you go global than in North America? Why not reinvest in your company and hire more creators to complete a revolutionary software project instead of fewer?
  • Accelerated Hiring Process: Hiring a programmer can get tricky as your business grows. It could take weeks to find someone that could cost you your expected departure date. With outsourcing, companies can be confident they are obtaining the best developer without any strings attached. In Eastern Europe, developers strive to provide the most elevated quality work without the drama of office work.
  • Scalability: Outsourcing software development in Eastern Europe can offer your company a vast opportunity unavailable in the technology-starved United States and Europe. Envision can hire offshore firms in Eastern Europe with less than a week or even days’ notice. And these same organizations will help you add and fire team members as your projects need additional resources.
  • English proficiency:  Eastern Europe software outsourcing IT is one of the considerable efficient and cost-effective methods to create your team. This reliable and qualified team can grow with you. Since English is the lingua franca for business, hiring technicians in Eastern Europe is easier than you might think. And because their education system requires several years of English proficiency, these workers are accustomed to dealing with clients domestically and internationally.
  • European Business Values: Eastern European software companies understand business culture. They are well aware of their clients’ pressures in Western Europe and North America. As a result, they are very committed to deadlines and offer transparent communication while ensuring you get quality work. When you outsource a software project from Eastern Europe, you are not spending money on quality work but on experienced consultants who understand your needs and help you with your requirements.

So, these are some of the perks you enjoy when you work with European software developers. Hence, they are widely popular and ideal for affordable software development solutions.

Requirements for hiring eastern Europe software outsourcing

Before giving you a list of the most profitable countries for outsourcing software development, we must first sketch the required variables for all businesses. They will form the base of an article about the best foreign countries for software development outsourcing.


One of the most significant aspects is the expert’s hourly rate. Costs vary from place to place in different countries and depend on several aspects.

The hourly rate will count on the field of the software developer. Programmers employ different languages for coding, ranging in sophistication and needs. Some of them are great team players but need more interpersonal skills, so think carefully before hiring a software developer and understand what is important to you in an outsourcing specialist.

Widely used programming languages

The choice of programming language varies by region and country. Pay attention to this to save time and money because you will start recruiting employees from places with a lot of such experience.


The contrast between countries that provide basic data programming and computing education and countries that take a comprehensive approach to STEM education is striking. The former are people who excel at developing their careers and knowledge in the IT field, while the latter are those who rarely show excellent programming abilities.

Fluency in English

In the best places for IT outsourcing, English is not a native language. However, since some operate worldwide, they are fine with that. They understand that if they want to collaborate with someone from all over the world, they must be able to communicate in English.

Thinking and soft skills

Firms evaluate the soft skills of in-house programmers only when they cooperate with them. However, more is required for offshore professionals. It would be helpful if you were sure that the position of the expert and their cultural fit are compatible with your company. As a result, you will easily find common ground in your approach to work.


Eastern European software developers are more accessible than ever before, and if you’re ready to start shopping, save time and money by doing your research. Before hiring the first firm, you come across, ensure they can provide a high-quality product that meets your needs and fits your budget. Even the most experienced Eastern European software companies have room for improvement, so only settle for the best. And remember – software development in Eastern Europe has yet to reach its peak, and in a few years, it will become even more mature, which makes it a very reliable investment today.

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