November 29, 2022

Easy Casino Games to Win Money as a Newbie

Casino games are a popular and effective way to rest after a hard day of work and different events. It is excellent for shifting your attention and getting rid of the pressure you feel. 

Such games belong to the type of kill-time entertainment. While reading books, doing some art therapy, playing sports, and watching your favorite films are considered more useful pastimes. However, you have the right to combine many kinds of hobbies, and casino games are no different. 

Online casinos have been rising in popularity over the last few years compared to land casinos. An online casino is a platform that offers a set of games and slots to play either against real opponents or the casino itself. Even if casinos are blocked in your area, there are ways to get access. 

At the same time, they are often judged because of the notorious fame of making people go broke and, as a result, having hardships making ends meet. So, where is the truth? Are casino games an excellent way to unwind or a waste of time? 

Now, there is no official classification of casino games to rely on. In the world of web gambling, the doors are open to every slot for players of all levels. However, it is wise to research the existing games and see which would be more suitable for entry-level players. 

This approach has many benefits. First of all, you will be able to discover the rules and nuances of games and see the odds of winning. You’ll find out if the game’s type is for you, what deposits are required, etc. 

In the next few paragraphs, you will discover a few simple games with high chances of winning if you play wisely and use your wit. Keep in mind, however, that any online casino game puts you at risk (if you wager for real money), and if you go too far, the money can’t go back. 

5 Best Casino Slots for Newbies to Play for Money

If we look at the trends in casinos, we can notice that games for beginners are probably, those that most newcomers gravitate towards in the first place. 

NB: We highly recommend you to see reviews on the casinos that attract you (regardless of the chosen game), e.g., read the Nostalgia casino review with all details on playing there. 

They also need to be easy to understand, not complicated to play, require no special skills, and offer higher chances of winning. Such easy games with smooth playthroughs become your best friends for your whole gambling life. So, here is what we found as great slots to start with.

1. Roulette

That’s the game you’ll see in every online and land casino. For newbies, it’s almost ‘a must’ to try it out. The game consists of waiting for the wheel to halt on your chosen number. The mathematical chances to win are 35 to 1 for each number. 

Sure thing, strategies and different approaches to playing Roulette are a great way to increase these chances. But regardless of your experience, Roulette can be won with the ‘take it easy’ approach. Roulette is also an excellent place to learn how to place bets and how similar slots work. 

2. Blackjack

Tables of Blackjack aren’t limited to a particular player number. One-player missions are widely available too, so there are many variations to practice in the same game. 

Your goal is to get a total score of 21, with every card, such as jack, queen, and king, valued at 10. Making a decent score needs you to avoid going bust at all costs. 

Winning mostly depends on luck. However, you can learn some strategies and betting systems to master the game. There are both online and offline courses designed for players to top up their chances, so if you have free time, why not try them out?

3. Video Poker

First of all, we chose this online casino game since it’s safer to play. In many casinos, you can play Video Poker for free. This is a valuable lesson to prepare you for the real game with money wagering and betting. Even offline, video poker machines are frequent in airports, hotels, bars, etc.

Video Poker is suitable for introverts and extroverts alike – you can play alone or with friends, which adds to the personal sense of comfort. Another reason why video poker is a fitting slot for newbies is fun. It requires no serious commitment or preparation. 

4. Baccarat

If you crave something more complicated than Roulette and its sisters, stop your choice at Baccarat. While the rules are more complex than the previous slot games, playing them is easy. Here you can find the most important peculiarities of the Baccarat game. 

You place your bet on one of three tiles and follow the dealer’s instructions, such as taking another card. The whole game might seem very mysterious as you rarely know what’s happening, but the more attractive it becomes. 

5. Dice

Dice crowns our list of easy games because it’s especially enjoyable. Your task here is to roll the dice and bet on a chosen number in the hope that the odds work for you. No special knowledge or tactics is needed, but it’s more about the number of times you roll the dice to get the win (so math skills can come in handy).  


To wrap it up, there are many easy and exciting games to play in casinos. However, if you are a first-time gambler, we recommend staying on the safe side and choosing the slots that allow you to play for free or try out pure luck games. 

No matter how easy the game seems, it’s your responsibility to be smart when playing and remember that there is no win guarantee. Casinos are often unpredictable. You should also know when to stop and leave with a small win (instead of aiming for big money). 

Bookmark the recommended games for your free time and good luck playing! 

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