April 6, 2022

Easy Ways to Identify a Legitimate Online Casino Platform

If you’re fairly new to the world of online casinos, choosing a safe platform to wager at is essential. Welcome bonuses and promotions for first-time customers can 

be incredibly tempting. However, unless a platform has robust security credentials and a trusted license behind it, it’s not worth taking the risk on. Read on for a handy explanation of how to find the best online casinos in Asia and what crucial factors you should be looking out for. 

Investigate Security Credentials 

Any legitimate online casino will go to great lengths to ensure your connection is secure and your data remains private. Advanced security protocols will ensure your details are protected at every step, from creating an account with personal information to linking your payment credentials so you can transfer money to an online wallet. Ideally, you’ll want to be wagering at an online casino that offers SSL encryption as standard. 

Choose a Licensed Platform 

A trustworthy casino platform should be able to provide evidence of license and registration. Many major platforms gain their license from organizations like the UK Gambling Commission, although the Malta Gaming Authority is popular with online casinos based elsewhere in the world. If an online casino can’t produce evidence of holding such a license, there’s a strong chance it’s not a legitimate organization. 

A licensed platform will be heavily regulated, giving you peace of mind when it comes to depositing money and sharing personal details. Furthermore, a licensed platform means you’ll encounter far less resistance when it comes to pursuing issues relating to late payments or fraudulent activity. 

Payment and Withdrawal Options 

The most reputable online casinos allow users to deposit and withdraw funds via a variety of payment methods. If an operator only allows you to add and withdraw funds via bank transfer, consider this a red flag. Ideally, you should be looking for platforms that support direct and credit card payments, as well as e-wallet compatibility. The more payment methods a casino accepts, the more protection you’re entitled to when it comes to settling any grievances with delayed payments or depositing discrepancies. 

Gaming Libraries 

A quick glance over the gaming library of an online casino will give you a clear idea of how reputable it is. If a platform is bursting at the seams with premier games from top developers, take this as a reassuring sign that you’re dealing with a legitimate operation. The inclusion of titles from the likes of NetEnt and Microgaming can definitely be considered a good sign. 

What Are Other Users Saying?

Finally, take the time to carry out some research into any platform you’re thinking about registering with. If an online casino has been around for at least a couple of months, there should be a fair amount of user reviews online for you to refer to. However, a swift glance at a weighted average isn’t enough. Look at what users are saying about the casino. Look out for specific feedback about things withdrawal times and customer service experience. Additionally, if reviews seem overly promotional, approach these with caution. Many review sites will go out of their way to weed out fake reviews from their archives, but there’s always a chance a few misleading write-ups will be missed by moderators.

About the author 

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