April 28, 2021

Ecrater Review: Is It Safe to Use?

In the age of the internet, businesses must sell their merchandise online if they want to increase their sales. If it’s too much trouble to create your very own website, you can choose an online marketplace instead, like Ecater. With Ecater, you can easily open up your own online store and create listings for the products you’re selling. Since Ecater is composed of both buyers and sellers, different people will notice your merchandise from all walks of life.

However, you may be hesitant to use this platform for fear of getting scammed. While Ecater touts itself as a free web store builder, many things could still go wrong on the internet.

What Is Ecrater?

As mentioned, Ecrater is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell various items. To make the website more organized and easier to navigate, the products are separated into different categories. There are collectibles, sports memorabilia, crafts, clothing & shoes, camera & photo, and many others. Ecrater is also integrated with eBay, which means you can import all your eBay products to Ecrater so you don’t have to upload them manually.

Ecrater was officially launched in 2004, and the website has been thriving since then.

How Does Ecrater Work?

According to Ecater, the website functions in two different ways. For one thing, consumers from across the globe can browse the products sold on Ecater. On the other hand, it’s also a place where merchants can post their products online for free. It essentially offers convenience and ease of use.

Ecater tries to foster a sense of community between the buyers and sellers by providing forums where anyone can talk about their experiences on the platform. This allows sellers to learn more about what it means to be a reliable online vendor that can give the customers what they want.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Ecater is only a marketplace—a bridge—that allows buyers and sellers to come together. As such, the website has nothing to do with the transactions you make or what negotiations you may have. This is why Ecater requests buyers to “use common sense” before making any final orders.


Since it’s a free web store, sellers don’t have to pay anything if they want to set up an account. However, obviously, buyers would have to fork over some cash if they want to make some purchases. In this case, it completely depends on how much the item they’re buying is and how much shipping will cost.

Ecater firmly states that it is just a bridge that gives buyers and sellers a place to make negotiations. In other words, Ecater plays no part in the pricing of the items. It’s up to the buyer to be responsible enough to do their research thoroughly before making any rash decisions.

Return & Refund Policy

As much as possible, Ecater doesn’t meddle between any transactions you’ve made on the website. This also means that the company isn’t the one processing the payments for you. So if you need to return an item or request a refund, Ecater clearly says that you need to contact the merchant right away and discuss the problem with them.

If the merchant doesn’t reply to any of your messages, there are some instances where Ecater may be able to give you a refund. The only requirement is that you made the transaction on the official Ecater website and not anywhere else.


Based on Ecater reviews, many customers were happy with the items they’ve received and with the sellers they’ve negotiated with as well. The shopping process is simple and straightforward, plus the website’s user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. Ecater has a wide collection of listings, too—whether you’re looking for antiques, art, electronics, jewelry, and more.


The only downside is the Ecater is home to some sketchy sellers too, and some buyers have had a hard time trying to get refunds, or the items didn’t arrive at all. In this case, you have to make sure that you’re buying from someone trustworthy before sealing the deal.


If you’re looking for an online marketplace where you receive assurance regarding your orders, Ecater may not be the best option for you. Ecater leaves you responsible for the choices you make, and the company doesn’t have a hold on what the merchants do or don’t do.

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