October 17, 2020

Everything To Know About Digital Business Cards

Business cards are an essential element in the corporate world—it defines your professional identity, communicates your services, and provides contact information and reachable social accounts. As the corporate world has become increasingly digitized, however, traditional paper business cards have evolved into digital business cards. Many professionals have opted out of business cards completely, relying on sharing their LinkedIn profile instead.

Like paper business cards, a digital business card distinguishes your position in the corporate world. Distributed as a file, digital business cards make sharing essential information regarding you and your company easy and reach a larger audience than its predecessor.

In addition to providing the basics (your name, position, and contact information), digital business cards can include unique interactive elements to individualize your card and distinguish you from other competitors. This includes videos or other external links, such as surveys or subscription lists. This enables you to advertise your abilities and information in a more engaging manner.

Additionally, digital business cards serve as an efficient cloud source of your personal information: storing your contact data, social media accounts, and attached URLs or webpages. If any information changes, it is automatically updated on the digital card.

Compared to that of a traditional business card, this alternative saves both time and materials by digitally updating all info in real-time. This element of digital business cards also yields them as an active platform for managing contacts, with most digital card creators containing an optical character reader that converts paper contact text into digital data.

What is a Digital Business Card?

A digital business card is a file that communicates information about you and your company essential for engaging in business—including your position and all reachable social accounts. A digital design such as this that can be shared instantly online by just one click, making it a more efficient and affordable method of sharing professional contacts.

Electronic business cards allow you to establish a larger network as it has the ability to reach people, regardless of geographic location or temporal differences. Digital business cards:

  1. Can be shared instantly via virtual mediums, including email, SMS, or social media.
  2. Are more individualized than traditional business cards as they are equipped to include external links and other visual elements to advertise its information.
  3. Store all of your information with automatic syncing services to ensure all data is relevant and correct.
  4. Can be integrated with calendar systems and reminder accounts.
  5. Are a more eco-friendly alternative to paper cards.

Digital Business Networking Solutions

Now that you know the benefits of digital business cards, the following platforms supply a way to digitize your networking efforts and streamline your contact management.

Covve Scan

Covve Scan is the AI-powered digital business card scanner from the renowned Covve contact management app. You can take a photo of a business card and its details are automatically recognized by the AI and inputted into a contact card within the app.

From there, you can easily add notes and tags, organize and search through the interface, and share contact details via messaging platforms.


Design and customize your digital business card with signature email links and external integrations to ensure that contacts have access to any curated content you wish to attach.

Haystack is targeted at creating consistent digital business cards for business. It easily establishes a format and templates unique to each firm to ensure that all members of the organization can produce digital cards with consistency and a similar style. In our digital world, Haystack’s method of “Design It, Share It, Work It” provides an efficient contact-free way to drive human connection in the corporate industry.


Digital business cards automatically store and collect contacts from your team members, and group them by teams, organizational tasks, or points of contact.

Inigo enables you to better manage your contacts in the Inigo Back Office, a feature for users to save and share digital card templates, organize network members into efficient groups, and provides a centralized database for individuals to connect. It also offers real-time analytics that displays engagement-data including the number of card views and card clicks. Track your network and measure your connection performance with Inigo, a free-to-use digital business card app.

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