April 23, 2019

Everything You Need for Secure Internet

The Internet is accessible in almost every public place either in the form of wifi, cellular data, or maybe even an old fashioned connection via a cable. Just because that Internet is accessible, though, does not mean that it is secure and safe to use. There are things to be wary of when considering whether or not to use public hotspots.

There are some physical and software attachments that you can purchase and download so that you always know that you will have a fast, secure connection to the Internet. From hardware to the smallest bits of software, here are a few things that you can get to make sure that you have fast, reliable, secure access to the Internet.

Use Your Own Wifi Hotspot in Public

Although many establishments and other public places have wifi available, these connections are often slow at best because of the high Internet traffic that public hotspots often have. This is especially true for places like busy coffee shops where a lot of people may have multiple devices connected to the wifi hotspot.

The slow connection is not the only thing that you should worry about, though. Some public hotspots are also susceptible to being hacked by identity thieves or being seen by public Internet providers. This means that private information on your device may be readily seen by providers. If you need to use wifi in public, be sure to use a hotspot via your phone or via some other source of wifi so that your data stays safe and fast.

Install Firewalls and Defensive Software

If you find yourself often in public situations or if you have a lot of web traffic with various websites, you will want to consider investing in antivirus and firewall software so that you do not run the risk of having viruses or malware on your personal devices. There are numerous available extensions, both paid and free, that will defend your computer or phone from malware.

You want to be sure that the things that you are using to stay safe online are legitimate and come from reliable software engineers. Some of the lower quality available antivirus software looks and acts almost like a virus itself. Be aware of what you are installing before you install it.

Use a Virtual Private Network When You Browse

Using a VPN can help you prevent your Internet service provider from intentionally throttling your service so that you have faster speeds when you usually would not. Furthermore, using your own VPN makes you even more anonymous on the Internet, throwing your IP address to the remote server so that you have peace of mind surfing on the web without your provider seeing everything that you are looking into.

Installing a VPN is easy and provides a reliable way to make sure that you have secure, private Internet for web browsing.

Ad Blocker Ad Block Plus
Ad Blocker Ad Block Plus

Invest in an Ad Blocker

Ad blockers can work wonders for your internet performance because of they

  • Prevent companies and sites from tracking your content to give you ads just for you
  • Prevent annoying ads from coming up on every website that you visit
  • Prevent you from clicking on ads that actually contain links to malware, spyware, or viruses
  • Help keep your devices running in perfect order

Ad blocking browser extensions are available for nearly every Internet browser that people use. Further, many do not cost money, but even if they do then the peace of mind afforded by the extension is worth the while.

Make Sure that Your Home Wifi Is Secure

While there are plenty of things that you can add to your devices to improve their Internet connection, one of the other things that you should do before checking on your device is making sure that your own router and modem are secure.

Reduce the range of the wifi signal, make sure that your wifi password is strong enough, and then have confidence that you can have a secure connection via both the router and your device itself.

Social Internet
Social Internet

The Internet is a Fun Place, but Tread Safely

With a few pieces of cyber-spatial armor at your side, you are ready to safely experience all the glories that the Internet has to offer. From having a connection that is not throttled by Internet service providers to having one that Internet service providers also cannot see your traffic.

It does not take much at all in the grand scheme of things to find ways to have a secure connection to the Internet that works quickly and efficiently at the same time. With the right tools at your disposal, you can have fun and stay safe on the Internet at the same time.

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