January 8, 2018

Facebook Now to Look Into Cryptocurrency and Decentralization: Mark Zuckerberg

2017 has been a bumpy ride for Facebook due to the reports of Russia’s influence in U.S presidential elections through Facebook including other tech giants and last year it has also admitted that using the platform can have a negative influence on people’s psychology.


Earlier on Thursday, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, wrote about his New Year’s resolution that he would be focusing on fixing issues on Facebook. Zuckerberg mentioned that Cryptocurrency and Decentralization are the key points for a better tomorrow.

He explains that a lot of us have got into technology thinking that it would be a decentralizing power. But due to increase in the number of big technology firms and governments running surveillance programs on its people – it is becoming a centralizing force rather than a decentralizing one. And so people have lost faith.

Mark Zuckerberg finds the need to restore people’s faith. And thus mentions that Cryptocurrency and Encryption are the two important counter trends that help to take power from the centralized systems and give it back into people’s hands. “But they come with the risk of being harder to control”, Zuckerberg said.

Further, he said that he would be studying deeply the positive and negative aspects of these technologies and how he would make use of them in their services in the best way.

His latest statements come only a few days after the Ripple co-founder, Chris Larsen made his entry into the Forbes’ Billionaire’s list after the value of XRP jumped from $0.25 in December last year to $3.16.

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