October 24, 2015

Facebook's New Update – Change Your Privacy Settings & Protect Your Posts From going Public

Facebook is one of the popular and successful social networking sites which is being used by billions of people across the world. Facebook is emerging over the time and the main reason behind its development is timely tweaks and updates so that users will be engaged for a longer period of time. The other reason is that it provides privacy for an individual. Facebook has announced Search FYI which is the latest feature to expand the search function allowing the users to find out what the world is saying about a particular topic. Now, it’s time to change your privacy settings as Facebook has come out with a major update to its search function.

Facebook Search FYI update

Facebook has announced that it is going to make two trillion posts public with its new update for Facebook Search. Yes, the search function of Facebook is being updated in order to quickly find out what others are saying on topics that matter to you. Facebook aims to compete with other social giants Google and Twitter with this major update.

Facebook’s Search FYI – Time to Change Your Privacy Settings

The new search update of Facebook seems to be a stepping stone to becoming a new search engine like Google. The Search FYI is the new feature of Facebook that makes all your relevant posts and some of your embarrassing or personal posts public. You may have posted some of your embarrassing posts under ‘Public’ settings will be made visible through this feature. Facebook aims to bring this new update so as to make it easier to get the trending news accessible in real time. This feature is well-optimized to make Facebook posts relevant and broadly shareable across popular media outlets at the time of unfolding them virally.

What happens with this New Update?

Facebook often comes out with new updates and changes to its News Feed. In the same way, it has brought a new feature called Search FYI in order to find out what the world is saying about topics that matter to you. Is there any problem if Facebook brings this new feature for all its users? Yes, here is the critical issue. Any post which is under public status will be now searchable worldwide unveiling all your personal public posts.

How to Change your Privacy Settings to Protect Your Posts from Going Public?

If you don’t want your status post updates (Say the past, present and future) to be easily searched and viewable by anyone in the world other than your close friends and beloved ones, then this is the right time to change or update your privacy settings. To protect your posts from being public, you need to change your privacy settings. Have a look at what you need to change your Facebook settings to avoid your posts from going public.

1. Privacy Settings – Future Posts

Go to your Privacy Settings and Tools where you can find a section called “Who can see your future posts?” It means that who can see your post on or off Facebook. Edit that option and check whether it is Public or Friends or Only me.

Facebook privacy settings

If you’re managing any page, it would be a good option, but if you don’t wish to reveal your personal posts to some unknown people, then you can make this to Friends.

2. Check Privacy of your Previous Posts

Once re-check all your older posts and do a thorough check whether they are safe and limited to a set of friends. You may not be aware of the changes made by Facebook as it often announces new updates to its News Feed. Facebook won’t explicitly mention the changes to every user and it is hard to check all the terms and conditions for privacy every time. So, it is better to keep your account secure through the privacy settings on Facebook.

3. Limit your Past Posts

If you’re a frequent user of Facebook and are habituated to update your status every time, then you might have forgotten about your previous or some other posts from the past. No one wishes to remember most embarrassing moments in one’s life. Suddenly, if any of your personal posts pop-up on your timeline that could perhaps get you into a serious issue. In order to avoid all this, it is very important to change your posts option in privacy settings.

Privacy Settings on facebook

Go to Privacy Settings and Tools, under which you can find ‘Limit Old Posts’ option. Select that option that will let all your past posts to get limited. Using this tool, all the content that you’ve shared on your timeline with public or friend’s friends will change to Friends so that you can limit your posts to limited friends. However, it is hard to revert back to every single post and manually put them under privacy option.

You can simply change your privacy settings from ‘Public’ to ‘Friends Only’ if you do not wish to bring your private posts into a public domain. Make these changes to Privacy Settings on your Facebook and protect all your posts and other personal content from being public. Follow the above tweaks and change your Facebook Privacy settings.

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