January 30, 2021

Fantasy Cricket Games Are Helping to Build India’s Online Gaming Industry

India’s online gaming industry is evolving at an unbelievable speed, and it has been predicted that within the next 5-10 years that they will be one of the world’s biggest eSports countries. Gaming is now an important part of India’s culture, but from real-life games to virtual reality, the way games are being played has changed quite drastically. India’s entry into the world of online gaming kicked off in 2000, with most online gaming consisting of social games, but a lot has changed since then, and fantasy sports is now thriving on India – Howzat has gone on to become one of the most popular fantasy sports apps for Indians.

India’s Growing eSports Industry

The online gaming industry in India is growing at a rate that nobody can really keep up with thanks to technology and technology marketing strategies. A large portion of India’s 1.38 billion population has grown a passion for online gaming, and this passion has caught the attention of many of the sector’s biggest companies. They are now making a lot of investments, and the investments they make are certainly helping India’s online gaming industry to grow even more. It is estimated that India’s current gaming revenue is about $295 million a year, but by 2025 this is expected to increase to $531 million. Give it a decade or so, and there will probably not be a single large online gaming company out there that does not want to invest some money in the Indian online gaming scene.

Mobile Gaming Growth

Mobile gaming throughout India and the rest of the world has increased thanks to the popularity of online gaming. These games have helped to increase the amount of money that is made in the online gaming sector quite dramatically. Multiplayer games used to be popular only on desktops, but they have since become very popular among mobile phone users.

Smartphones are now owned by the masses and this is something that is obviously helping to increase the number of people that are enjoying multiplayer games. It is estimated that India has about 760 million smartphone users. To give you some perspective as to how large a figure this is, it has been estimated that the world has 3.8 billion smartphone users. Give it a couple of years and it will not be surprising to find out that Indian’s equate for a quarter of the world’s smartphone users.

Games like Howzatt, which gives its users the chance to play fantasy cricket with fellow cricket fans from across India, is a game that brings cricket lovers and multiplayer fans together. You can select a cricket match of your choice, and then make use of your cricketing knowledge to create a fantasy team and compete against fellow cricket fans for cash prizes or just for pride.

The fact that you can play Howzat for real money is something that will certainly appeal to Indian cricket fans as they really love placing bets on cricket. In fact, help give you a better understanding as to how much Indians enjoy betting on cricket, it is estimated that they wager about $200 million on every ODI game that is played. We got in contact with Aryan Agarwal, who is currently the editor at www.cricketonlinebetting.in, one of the best betting comparison sites that we know, and he told us that he feels that this $200 million will probably turn into $250 million before too long. He told us that their site got a record number of visitors in 2020 and he expects an even more successful 2021.

We put it to him as to whether he thinks eSports gaming will ever overtake cricket betting and put a severe dent in his business. He believes that eSports will soon catch up to cricket, but he is not too worried about what that will mean for his website because cricket will always be much loved by Indians and they will always continue to bet on it.

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What Is So Great about Fantasy Sports?

Multiplayer fantasy sports games such as Howzat are entirely legal and you can enjoy playing fantasy sports for fun or to try and win some extra money. Furthermore, fantasy sports give you the chance to become a participant in a sport, which is something that motivates people to play no matter where they are. It is safe for us to say that fantasy sports are something that has plugged the divide between sports fans and sports.

Being part of a fantasy cricket league and then watching the game live, while showing support to those players that you have selected in your team, will give you a huge thrill and you will start to feel like you are actually participating in the match yourself. If you happen to be new to fantasy sports, then this not much of a deal-breaker because apps like Howzat now provide detailed tutorials and tips so anyone who is a novice can be up and running in no time at all.

When it comes to downloading mobile apps, Indians have no issues with doing so as highlighted by the fact that 7.7 billion apps have been downloaded by Indians. Players no longer get scared when investing their money in online fantasy games that provide them with the opportunity to win some real cash prizes. If you are just beginning in the world of online gaming, then we are about to give you some advice that you would be wise to take onboard. We advise you to gamble responsibly and to give yourself a budget that you are happy to potentially lose. Once you have lost this budget, you have to stop gambling right away. If you go beyond your budget in an attempt to try and regain your losses, the only likely scenario is that you will end up losing even more of your money – so do not do it.

The revenue gained through online gaming is something that is only going to increase in the coming years as fantasy sports become more popular. During big cricket competitions such as the IPL, fantasy cricket apps like Howzatt always witness a large surge in numbers. Mobile gaming has become the prominent sector in the online gaming industry, and this is why all the big companies are now trying to create a variety of games, most multiplayer ones, that work the best on mobile devices. As smartphones decrease in price and become more accessible to everyone, more people will sign up for the mobile gambling revolution, which will eventually lead to more growth and revenue.

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