December 26, 2022

FilterPixel: Photographers’ handy tool for intelligent photo culling within minutes

One of the hardest parts of being a photographer is finding the right shots from hundreds to thousands of photos taken. There are many apps out there, but none are designed to make the process convenient and practical for such a profession. Enters FilterPixel, a dedicated photo culling software with features specifically developed to identify the perfect images via artificial intelligence within minutes.

FilterPixel: A Photographer’s Friend

The best thing about FilterPixel is its specific purpose: to be a handy tool for every photographer during the photo culling process. Unlike other photo applications, it focuses on photo selection by offering numerous yet simple features that give you sufficient control in each step, whether you are using a Mac or a Windows PC.

That is possible through FilterPixel’s AI, allowing you to sort images based on your preferred standards and preferences. It can identify all the right elements needed for certain photos, from portraits to wedding photography. Additionally, it lets you easily be involved in the process by giving you the tools to check the important parts of an image. Whether you want to check for similar photos or have a deeper check on your subject’s eyes, FilterPixel has everything you need.

A Simple App for Photo Culling and More

FilterPixel is free from complexities and fluffs. Each feature is tailored to bring all of a photographer’s needs for faster photo culling. To start, it allows instant uploading of files by simple drag-and-drop action of a certain folder or files from a Windows PC or Mac.

It is a light application that won’t affect machine performance. The image previews are generated on the PC’s RAM, removing the need for extra cache generation that saves the device from using massive storage. It also supports a slew of image formats (NEF, CR3, HEIC, JPG, CR2, DNG, ARW, 3FR, DCR, ORF, RW2, RAW, PEF, RAF, and PSD), making it flexible even if you have to deal with a mixture of files.

Once the files are imported, FilterPixel will ask you for the type of shoot the culling process is for: Portraits, Events/Weddings, and Others. By selecting a specific category, the app can focus on the most vital elements needed for the chosen type of shoot. For instance, Portraits emphasize eye quality, while Events/Weddings setting highlights aesthetics.

FilterPixel also supports keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to execute commands and activate different modes in a snap. You can view the complete list of shortcuts in the app by pressing Cmd+K or Ctrl+k.

Lastly, it allows you to directly export culled files to other editing software (including Lightroom, PhotoMechanic, and CaptureOne), CSV, or local folders. It is just a matter of selecting a destination or doing the drag-and-drop action to export the photos. You can even choose specific tags, filters, and ratings, so you can only export the ones you need.

Quick and Easy AI-based Culling Process

Cull hundreds and hundreds of photos within minutes by selecting AutoSelect, which will group shots based on detected flaws. The app’s technology will categorize images based on how flawless they are, giving you the ‘Unlabelled,’ ‘Rejects,’ and ‘Accepted’ view options.

Out of the three views, the Accepted view lets you review all the photos deemed the best by the AI. Meanwhile, Rejects view covers photos with bad eye quality or focus quality issues, while Unlabelled shows decent photos free from such problems, including face blurriness, closed eyes, composition, lighting, and more. To help you easily identify the category your shots fall on, FilterPixel will put respective icons on them. The app also allows viewing the photos in groups, so you can still consider even the ones classified under Rejects. Just select the icon at the upper screen dedicated to the group you want to view. To make changes, you can use the shortcuts P (Accepted), U (Unlabeled), and X (Rejected) keys or just change the applied AI tags on each photo.

FilterPixel also uses additional filters to help you easily view and organize the photos based on selected tagged qualities generated by the AI. These include perfect focus, partial out of focus, out of focus, low-quality eyes, high-quality eyes, closed eyes, intentionally closed eyes, duplicates, hugs, kisses, dancing, and more.

On the other hand, to give you more control over image qualities, FilterPixel comes with two AI Sliders. They will allow you to adjust the eye and focus filter strength applied to photos by simply dragging the sliders, so you’ll instantly see the ones that received the highest scores from the AI. That way, you can easily perform culling, even in a semi-manual way.

More Ways to Cull With FilterPixel

After using the power of FilterPixel’s AI, you can still get a deeper look into each photo through the four modes of the app: Grid Mode (G), Full-Screen Mode (F), Survey Mode (S), and Comparison Mode (C). Want to get a full look over a single photo? Turn to Full-Screen Mode to view just one image in the entire grid and zoom on it (Spacebar). If you want to see all photos in a grid (just like Lightroom), Grid Mode is the choice.

You also have the power to scrutinize two nearly identical photos using Survey Mode and Comparison Mode. For fast and light selection between two (or more) duplicate photos, Survey Mode will let you view them side by side. To better aid you in your decision, you can double-click on a certain part of the photo to zoom in for details, and the other images will also be zoomed in at the same spot. After checking, just press X to reject the copy that doesn’t make the cut.

For a deeper selection process, choose Comparison Mode. Under this mode, you can compare the photo that received the highest score from AI to other similar shots. Specifically, it gives you a closer look at elements like focus and eye quality by showing the zoomed-in faces of the subject/s on the side via the Face Views feature.

FilterPixel: Photographer’s Lifetime Tool

You can now try FilterPixel for your Windows PC or Mac for free, which will give you a limited number of features for the basic photo-culling process of up to 10,000 photos within its 14-day trial. Nonetheless, for photographers who always need to handle thousands of photos every day in their profession, FilterPixel offers Standard and Pro plans, which cost $11.99/month ($119.99 a year) and $19.99/month ($110 a year), respectively.

At a reasonable price, you can be liberated from the strenuous work of repeatedly scanning images one by one, saving you precious hours and hours of work. With this, you get more time doing what you love – shooting special moments on the field and less dull time in front of the screen.

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