July 23, 2015

Free High Quality Video Conferencing Software – EZTalks Review

Have you ever done video conferencing? If you haven’t, you should give it a try and if you have already done it then you would be already aware of its advantages. With a proper Internet connection, video conferencing is the next best thing to physically being present with the persons you want or have to talk to. There are many softwares like like Anymeeting and Lync which makes things easier when you want to online meeting, online conference, and collaboration. But recently I came across EZTalks which has made my video conferencing experience much more effective and fruitful.

EZTalks is the world’s leading online video conferencing software that enables you to host unlimited HD video conferencing up to 100 people per meeting. EZTalks also offers toll-free audio conferencing, instant messaging, document sharing, remote control of applications and a white board for annotating presentations and images during meetings.

Free Video Conferencing, Web Conferencing, Online Meetings, Screen Sharing  EZTalks

EZTalks Key Features:

  • Audio/microphone mute ability
  • Attendees without an account can be made presenter
  • Screen sharing
  • Content sharing
  • Meeting recording function
  • Collaboration tools include whiteboard annotation and drawing, remote control
  • Private Text Chat
  • Free for 3 attendees

Who Uses This Software?

EZTalks video conferencing software can be widely applied to all industries such as enterprise, government, education, training, healthcare, legal, finance, military, community and other various industries for online meeting/teaching/training/webinar.

Sharing Files And Screens:

Now along with sharing texts, images, documents and excel sheets, you would be able to share mostly any file type that needs to be transferred. It is only the executable files, which are yet not included, but EZTalks has covered almost every other file format we generally use.


Public/Private chats:

While you can use the public chat to send some message to the whole conference attendees, you can also make use of the private chat within the same window to send a message to a particular person.

For example, one of the person might not be able to understand something that the team lead is saying, you can just ping that person in private chat explaining in simpler words what the team lead is actually asking for.


Video conferencing is free for up to three users. Pricing for HD video conferencing is based on how many attendees online meeting rooms can support. There are five different plans for EZTalks including the free one. Others are Premium 10, Premium 30, Premium 50 and Premium 100. Pricing for organizations that need rooms for more than 100 attendees will need to be worked out with a sales representative.
Pricing & Plan  EZTalks

  • Up to 10 Participants – $6.99/Month & $72/Year
  • Up to 30 Participants – $16.99/Month & $168/Year
  • Up to 50 Participants – $36.99/Month & $360/Year
  • Up to 100 Participants – $56.99/Month & $600/Year

High Definition Video And Audio Quality

EZTalks delivers an uncompromising quality of video and audio equally through all possible devices like a desktop, a laptop or a smartphone. Supporting 16 HD video conference streams along with noise reduced voice quality, EZTalks really keeps up to its promise. If you have a high speed uninterrupted internet connection, then connecting with numerous people at a time with EZTalks is really EASY.

Customer Care/Support:

EZTalks gives 24/7 customer support where you can contact the executives at any point of time online to get direct solution for your queries, say any bug which might trouble you and limit your activities which would have been really necessary in a conference call. Just ping them up and you would find a responsive help the other side.

Step by step to get 50% discount for EZTalks Premium 10/30/50/100 Annual Plan:

Let us take Premium 10 Annual Plan as an example

Step 1: Go to www.eztalks.com/shop/index

Pricing & Plan  EZTalks

Step 2: Click“Buy Now” under Premium 10 to go to the following interface and Change to Annual Plan.

get 50% discount for EZTalks Premium 10/30/50/100 Monthly/Annual Plan

Step 3: Input Coupon Code and apply. Get Premium 10 Monthly Plan with 50% discount

Step 4: Click “Security Checkout” to follow the steps to finish payment.

The process to get 50% discount for Premium 30/50/100 Montly/Annual Plan is the same as Premium 10 Annual Plan.

How to use EZTalks?

Step 1: Register EZTalks

Go to eztalks.com, you can register using your Email Address.

Register EZTalks

Step 2: Download EZTalks

After register, you will receive an Email, where you need to activate your account. A windows pops up to allow you to download the client directly.

Download EZTalks

Step 3: Install EZTalks

Install EZTalks

Step 4: Login EZTalks

Just login with the Email and password that you previously registered (or) You can also login EZTalks with Meeting Number that you have previously received in your Email send by the meeting organizer.

eztalks Login page

Step 5: Start meeting

Click “Start Meeting” to directly go to the meeting room and start your meeting. Or else click “Schedule Meeting” to pop up “Schedule Meeting” interface where you can either select from Contact or manually type attendees’ Email address along with the meeting topic, time and description.

Eztalks software start meeting

That’s it…!!! Now you can experience rich functions with EZTalks. If you are really looking for a video conferencing tool that can enhance your productivity then EZTalks is the way to go.

Visit EZTalks now.

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